Batman and Superman Are Charging $35 Million to Save Detroit

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bill-swift - August 30, 2013

Holy Rust Belt, Batman! Superman and the Caped Crusader may have found a crime-ridden city that even they can't fix.

The very broke and very dangerous city of Detroit will serve as the backdrop for the next Superman/Batman film. Why? I can give you 35 million reasons, all of them courtesy of the Michigan Film Office and its generous tax incentive program. The fact that Michigan is known as the 'Wolverine State' makes the entire situation somewhat awkward, but considering the production is expected to bring in an estimated $131 million, producing 426 full-time jobs and $5.1 million in hotel revenue in the process, I guess they decided to swallow their pride and give the tax breaks to DC.

During the production, Detroit will serve as both Metropolis and Gotham. The film will also shoot across the border in Toronto whenever the script calls for something other than a post-apocalyptic hellscape.

Filming will begin in early 2014, and July 17, 2015, is slated for the film's release.