BaroCook Let You Cook Meals, Anytime, Anywhere

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bill-swift - February 19, 2014

The worst thing about camping is having to cook food without the comforts of a gas range. You can rub those sticks together as much as you want, but cooking by campfire is extremely time-consuming and is a huge pain overall. The alternative? BaroCook, the one cooking contraption that every guy should own--even those who don't cool on a regular basis.

It uses exothermic (or heat-releasing) packets that start to heat up and react when water is added. Just drop your food, noodles, meat, and whatnot into the cooking chamber. The system will remain at 212 degrees for up to thirty minutes, so that should be plenty of time to cook a warm dinner that you'll no doubt enjoy.

Check It Out: $19

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