Barbie Blank AKA Kelly Kelly Wicked Hot Thong Show Off

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bill-swift - March 2, 2017

Talk about a blast from the past, it's WWE stellar hottie of days gone by Kelly Kelly, now back to her non-stage name, Barbie Blank. She even added another name, her married name, because some lucky bastard gets to consensually do naughty things with her each evening in the name of matrimony. No wonder they call it blessed. At least when it's to Kelly Kelly.

The long and lovely former diva showed off her slender perfect female form in a thong bikini that almost looks painted on her sextastic body. If only that were so. I'd invest immediately in a bottle of paint thinner and go to town to see the canvas beneath. There are amazingly hot bodied women of today and tomorrow, and then the ones of a few yesteryears you completely forget until that once more time they blow your mind. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet