Barbara Palvin Wicked Silly Hot for Terry Richardson (and a Whole Lot More Babs Palvin)

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bill-swift - January 15, 2013

Despite the potential taint of The Devil's Midget, which I personally choose to ignore for sanity reasons, Barbara Palvin remains our super object d' lust d'jour since bursting onto the Victoria's Secret modeling scene in little bits of silky nothings, as just a barely legal Hungarian Hottie.

Now, naturally, lucky bastard Terry Richardson got Barbara into his studio to take saucy pictures of her and watch her dance around with little clothes on. Most of which he doesn't even show us, but we get enough of Barbara to make it a definite must-see photoshoot.

And, since we are absolutely madly and passionately in bodily desire for Barbara, check out a few more visual wonderments of Barbara from over the weekend: