Barbara Palvin Returns to Panties and Bra Perfection

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bill-swift - April 12, 2016

At some point a few years ago, somebody who makes bad decisions decided that Hungarian hottie model Barbara Palvin was no longer an intimates model and was suddenly a dramatically made up high fashion model covered in clothes and paint and over-shopped productions. I hope that person was fired, if not drowned in a pail of water. Rough talk, but it was clearly a crime.

Barbara is now back finally to modeling her belusted body and heavenly looks in little panties and bras for Amen magazine. This is Barbara's zone of excellence and where she belongs. Well, technically and hopefully, she belongs in my humble abode in the very same panties asking me if I can help her change and I'm not allowed to use my hands. Trust me, Barbara, I've been training for this moment my entire life. Your sextastic inspires me. More silk and lace, please. Let's call this a comeback. Enjoy

Photo Credit: Amen Magazine