Barbara Palvin Killing It Sextastically BTS of Her SI Swimsuit Shoot

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bill-swift - March 4, 2017

Barbara Palvin, thy name is hotness. The European outstandingly hot bodied sensation provided the goods for show in her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot again this year. And once again, the behind the scene footage of Barbara's heavenly female form all wet and giggly in tiny swimsuits was far more alluring candidly behind the scenes than in polished published form.

Barbara is just now hitting her full stride in terms of A-list bikini modeling. She's always been smoking hot; only now she's learning to pose and preen with the very best of them. Not to mention SI is learning the tiny two piece swimsuit that flatter her body the most. Oh, how I'd like to flatter Barbara's body in person. After the three hours of shy mumbling of course. I like to pace myself. Barbara, you are an inspiration to us all, especially in our boy parts regions. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit