Hanukkah Hottie: Bar Refaeli, In a Festival of Sights (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - December 3, 2010

We don't really know what has become of Bar Refaeli. The normally prodigious mega-hot Israeli supermodel has been noticeably absent from the sextastic landscape for several months now. Could it be she's locked away in intense sexual escapades with her boyfriend and beard-cover, Leo Dicaprio? Just kidding. No matter her whereabouts, Bar Refaeli remains an Egotastic! all-access pass VIP, it's wherever and whenever with Bar, our anointed Hannukah Hottie. Enjoy.

How hot is Bar Refaeli? Yep, she meets our standard of being hot even in womens fashion photoshoots, seen here in pictures by Nicky Emmerson:

Of course, we do prefer our Hannukah Hottie in her Maccabean birthday suit (even if the good parts are covered):

And, finally, like a hotness miracle, who looks better in a bikini than Bar Refaeli?