Bar Refaeli Upward Bowing Yoga Pose Means It’s Going to Be a Great Week

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bill-swift - August 5, 2013

I'm not exactly schooled in the spiritual and physical arts of the East, but I'm pretty sure that Bar Refaeli on all fours in a fully exposed supine position is a wonderful omen. At least, I'm thanking my lucky stars as we speak.

Each week I look long and hard, as it were, for a harbinger of the hotness for the week to come. I can think of no more passion inducing omen than this Instagram photo of Bar that popped up over the weekend. That's it, I'm out of boner metaphors, but this week is just getting started here on Egotastic!. Stay tuned for some things you've kind of seen before, some things you've never seen before, and some things you will definitely need to hide from the children. Enjoy the week ahead.