Bar Refaeli Simply Hot in Israeli Magazine

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bill-swift - September 7, 2013

Ever so simple, ever so hot, Bar Refaeliappears in Laisha magazine, which I suppose is probably something meant for the ladies of Israel, but anything to do with Bar Refaeli has to be shared among the man folk as well. Just one of the most amazingly hot women on this planet, who now that she's free of all her DiCaprio beard silliness and other missteps of her youth, can attain even new heights of exhibitionist brilliance, from innocent spreads such as this, to the more and more revealing photos and selfies she digs sharing on social media.

Someday, I'd love to hear Bar Refaeli shout out Hebrew words in ecstasy on or about my person, even if she's faking it. I can't even tell when a woman does that in English, so I should be all good. Bar, call me. I'm in the phone book under Sweaty and Desperate. Enjoy.