Bar Refaeli, Rachel Bilson, Mila Kunis, and Ashley Tisdale Head Up List of Rosh Hashana Hotties

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bill-swift - September 10, 2010

Nipples and honey for the Jewish New Year? We couldn't think of a more Egotastic! way to wish our Hebraic brothers and sisters a something-something-tov than by posting recent pictures of our favorite Chosen Person sexy bombs. But, wait! Some of us gentle gentiles don't have the inside scoop on the begotten origins of these sexy Semites, so we turned to the the experts at, to give us the skinny on our Rosh Hashana hottie selections.

First, Bar Refaeli. Can there be an Israelite on the planet hotter than this woman? And a bit of nipple poke for the High Holidays? Perfection.

From Jew or Not Jew:... we didn't even bother to write anything about Bar, we just showed her picture. Why? Please. Like you're even reading this right now. Heck, we're not even writing it. Just staring at one of the hottest women on the planet, typing randomly, and repeating to ourselves over and over: she's Jewish.... she's JEWISH.... SHE'S Jewish....
Bar's Score: 12 of 15

Next, Rachel Bilson just shopping and hanging out and looking sexy doing her thing:

From Jew or Not Jew:For many, Seth from the OC is the ultimate Jew. The comics, the nerdiness, the lust for a non-Jewish woman... Gevalt! Since it's TV though, he actually gets the girl, thus giving us hope that some day we'll meet a borderline attractive half-Jewish woman who will pretend to be a non-Jew for a TV show and pretend to fall in love with us. Hey, just setting goals we can reach here.
Rachel's Score:8 of 15

The ever-hot Mila Kunis on the set of some movie with Justin Timberlake we'll never see unless, you know, our wives or girlfriends make us:

From Jew or Not Jew:The rule is, if you're looking for a Jew in an ensemble show, pick the nerdy one (helllooooo Tori Spelling). Happily, Ms. Mila broke that rule on That 70s Show, though she's doing nothing for us now as Meg on Family Guy. She's Russian. She's Jewish. We'll forgive her.
Mila's Score: 11 of 15

Finally, current Hellcatter, Ashley Tisdale, seen here at the Fashion Night Out event a couple nights ago:

From Jew or Not Jew:Star of the High School Musical movies, Ms. Tisdale is... wait, we're supposed to care about Ashley Tisdale? Seriously? She's only half-Jewish and that's 1/2 more than we give a crap.
Ashley's Score: 9 of 15

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