Bar Refaeli Bikini Pictures Never Cease To Please

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bill-swift - August 30, 2011

Ah, Portofino in the late summer time, how I recall thee.

So, I haven't exactly made it to most of the Mediterranean hotspots yet, but I was once in Galveston in August, and perhaps the only way I would ever do that again, short of at gunpoint, would be if Bar Refaeli started parking her vacation yacht out in the bay there and donned the same hot blue bikini she wore over the weekend in Portofino.

The sextastic Israeli supermodel looked to be having a wonderful time I suppose just being hot and loaded and hot and having the job of wearing bikinis on boats parked in swank ports of call; not a bad job really, though I wonder if it comes with benefits. I surely know the benefit I receive from seeing my belusted Bar in a bikini, and just like an organ grinder, it makes my monkey dance. Enjoy.