Bar Refaeli Bikini Pictures Candid Glimpses of the Sextastic on Vacation

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bill-swift - July 23, 2013

We rarely get to see Israeli supermodel and object d' lust Bar Refaeli in candid repose, so I consider this some treat to peep the uber-sextastic 20-something model on what I'm sure is her rather exclusive accommodations while on vacation in Ibiza.

Yes, supermodels get tired too. All that catwalking and posing and smiling, but not big smiling, more like knowing smirks. It's exhausting. Plus, the parties, the champagne, the crazy backstage parties. I'm sure a girl needs to recharge those batteries. Batteries I happen to be peering at right now whilst ogling Bar Refaeli in her bikini.

Someday, I'll be on that beach with Bar, holding her towel and asking her if she needs another bubbly water or something. Still, anyway to get close enough to pick up the scent of Refaeli. This is the mission. Enjoy.