Bangfit Helps You Lose Weight By Doing It

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michael-garcia - May 19, 2016

I'll admit that I'm overweight. The fact that I have a sedentary job working online doesn't help things any. I also HATE going to the gym. That place sucks and it smells weird. The one in my Brooklyn neighborhood is just full of 'roided out Guidoes and their goomahs. It's a bad scene. There is one exercise I do enjoy and that's doing it. Thousands of studies have shown the benefits to your health of regular sex. Not only does it increase dopamine and seratonin in the brain but it is also great cardio and works a lot of muscle groups. But it was always hard to make the sex about the exercise...until now. Those geniuses at Pornhub have come up with a sex workout routine that may just change the world. It's called Bangfit and it looks amazing. You simply log into the website and give your stats, etc. Then you put on the specially designed exercise belt and you hump along with the avatars on the screen.

The belt syncs you up with the characters so you have to really follow along. After you are done, the site tells you how many points you won and calories you lost. If this doesn't incentivize you to get off your ass, nothing will. 

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