Banana Bread Beer is Unusually Fruity Booze

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bill-swift - November 9, 2013

Booze doesn't always taste like booze. Case in point: Wells Banana Bread Beer. It sounds like a strange combination, booze and banana bread, but there must be a reason why they're making this thing, right? Either it's really good or it's so bad that it turns out good.

Think about it. Banana bread is good on it's own. The same can be said for beer. In fact, it's the single, most important fermented product ever made in the history of mankind. It makes sense if something made from the two would taste great, right? Right. It won the 'Beer of the Festival' award back in 2002 at CAMRA's London Drinker Festival, so it must be special, at the very least.

Check It Out: $5

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