Balrog Hits ‘Street Fighter V’ With His Trademark ‘Tude Intact

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chris-littlechild - June 27, 2016

  As Street Fighter fans will have noticed and/or sent death threats and flaming sacks of dogcrap to Capcom HQ about, the new game was released in a pretty sorry state a couple of months back. The barebones package lacked all kinds of fighting game essentials, but was rushed out the door for cashtastic’s sake.  

Still, these sorts of shenanigans aren’t exactly rare in gaming today. It’s easy to drop patches, updates, DLC and such post-release; whatever gets the game into the shape it should have damn well been in the first time around. Street Fighter V being a pretty good case in point.

The big ol’ June update hits the game later this week. Sure, it’s scheduled to arrive on July 1, but we won’t get pernickety about the name. It’s just good to see the game getting an extensive cinematic story mode to dive into.

Capcom announced what’s coming with the update late last week, but it looks as though they were holding back. Over the weekend, they dropped a surprise reveal trailer, showing off another Street Fighter icon returning to the fray. Here’s the boxing badass Balrog, doing his thing as always. Relative newcomers Juri and Urien get an airing too, suggesting they're also on the way soon. 


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