BAFTA Red Carpet Hotties: Jessica Alba, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, and Minnie Driver… Yes, Minnie Driver!

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bill-swift - February 15, 2011

It's easy to get lost during the height of award season; so many musicians and actors practicing the art of rhetorical auto-fellatio, it really makes the head spin. Of course, the advantage is the celebrity hotties come out in full force, even if we must suffer through the raving fashion fops, let alone clothing at all on these hot bodies. Still, these shows have their moments, including, the BAFTA Awards, the British version of the Oscars, brought out the famous babes in droves, plenty for the eye to ogle. Catching my all-seeing ogle-ocular in particular were Jessica Alba (who I still have no idea really why she was at an acting award show, but, who cares, so damn hot), Amy Adams (who's not letting post-baby dropping stop her from shooting for title of hottest hottie this entire awards season), Jennifer Lawrence, Winter's Bone hottie burst onto the scene, and, Minnie Driver (yep, that Minnie Driver, pulled from the depths of lost sexies, because she earned her damn hotness spot). Enjoy.

Photo credit: / Splash News