‘Bad Grandpa’ Red Band Might Be the Best Trailer of 2013

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bill-swift - October 23, 2013

Fact: Dick jokes never fail. Especially, if those dick jokes involve fake old man penises getting caught in vending machines...which appears to be the crux of the new Jackass vehicle Bad Grandpa.

The film, which will clearly be a contender at all of the highest of high brow European art and independent cinema festivals this year, stars Johnny Knoxville in his Irving Zisman persona (the old man with the old man  problems). Mr. Zisman gets tasked with taking his young grandson Billy on a cross-country trip to live with his father.  What follows is a series of hidden-camera pranks, pratfalls, and killer dick jokes.

Clearly, this is the plot that the previous three Jackass flicks were looking for all those years. Bad Grandpa hits theaters this Friday.