Bacon Body Wash: For a Cleaner, Meatier, and Smokier You

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bill-swift - November 2, 2013

Slabs of bacon soap have recently made rounds on the interwebs. The cool thing about them is that they not only smell like bacon, but they look the part, too. If you're too lazy to work up a lather with the chunky slab in your hands, then you might want to reach for a bottle of Bacon Body Wash instead.

It's basically liquid soap with bacon's signature scent incorporated in every drop. It's made by Archie McPhee, who are working with the rationale that people would love to smell like bacon since they love pigging out on the smoky delicacy anyway.

This Bacon Body Wash brings the exhilarating aroma of bacon to yet another part of your morning routine. The friendly Mr. Bacon on the label wants you to smell like he does.

Check It Out: $5

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