‘Back to the Future’ Halftime Show Makes Me Wish I Was Into Sports (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 24, 2012

I'll be honest, I was once in a marching band. I carried my bass drum; I wore the stupid uniform; I had that cap with a dead animal tail stapled to the top; the whole nine yards. Then I caught myself in the mirror one day and quit. It also didn't help that our band leader was less interested in playing cool music to the crowd and more interested in trying to create a Mr. Holland's Opus thing for himself by bringing in his own music that no one, not even his wife or deaf child cared about. Or, wait, maybe that was just Mr. Holland's Opus.

In any event, as a lover of all things Back to the Future, like many of you 80s kids out there, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I hear the opening bars to the theme song. So to hear the theme song at the halftime show of an Ohio State game, while watching the entire marching band make a human time-travelling DeLorean, needless to say it's pretty cool. And unless you want to hear the bizarre narrative played over the speakers to go along with the band's set list, skip to the 7-minute mark to hear some brass Alan Silvestri in your lives.

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