Azusa Koizumi Chesty Lingerie Show

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bill-swift - August 6, 2015

Azusa Koizumi is a Japanese beauty that I would like to get to know better. Here she is in all her glory wearing a variety of lingerie outfits that have got my pressure going up. In particular she's dressed in a little French maid outfit that made me stop and stare for a while. Azusa has a nice handful pair of knockers. They are the kind of breasts that a man can handle all night and not get tired. Eventually she dispenses with the clothes all together and just uses her hands as a bra. It works to varying degrees of success. Unless the goal is for the boobs to pop out all over in which case they succeeded. 

I do so love a good hand bra picture. It's so coquettish and demure but kinda sultry at the same time. Jackie likey.