Awesomely Horrible Netflix Instant Films: Avalanche Sharks

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michael-garcia - March 30, 2016

We're big fans of the Sharknado series here at Egotastic. Movies about sharks in tornadoes? What's not to love? SyFy's original movies are generally not imitated, for the simple reason that no one usually watches them except for people who love terrible cinema. But Sharknado has become a bonafide cultural phenomenon. So, it's no surprise that it has led to imitators. In 2013, in the wake of the success of the first Sharknado film, the Canadian film industry produced a movie about sharks trapped in snow with Shark Avalanche

The action takes place at the Twin Pines Ski Resort in Canada, eh. It's your general snow lodge with hot chicks in snow gear and a cast of forgetable doofuses and bohunks. The movie could have been one of those 80's soft core comedies about ski lodges. But no. A snowboarder causes an avalanche by accident and this uncovers ancient "snow sharks" from under the frozen mountain. The sharks then proceed to "swim" underneath the snow and proceed to eat all of the people at the ski lodge. Wackiness ensues.

It's pretty bad. I mean, imagine if Sharknado is terrible than what must a blatant rip-off of Sharknado be like? That's right. Horrible. 

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