Awesome R2-D2 Themed Vespa Will Give You a Run for Your Money

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bill-swift - November 7, 2012

R2-D2 is an awesome droid, he really is. In fact, Star Wars just wouldn't be the same without him. Now picture R2-D2 and a scooter. Now imagine him transformed into the actual scooter itself.

No? If you can't, then you don't need to, because Morgan turned this awesome idea into a reality. He did it all using some ingenuity, adhesive vinyl, and a 12-pack of beer. And no, he didn't explain what the beer was for, although I imagine it helped get through all the labor to get this done.

The rear trunk is actually a vintage piece that he cleaned up and stuck with Star Wars-related paraphernalia. Give everything a final patdown and voila! You've got an awesome R2-D2 Vespa right there.

Naturally, Morgan's ride gets a lot of attention. He regularly gets thumbs-up from fellow motorists and pedestrians who will stop to ogle and admire his fine handiwork. Good job, Morgan!

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