Award Season, Err, Jennifer Lawrence Hot Dress Season, Has Begun!

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bill-swift - January 12, 2013

In the cold of January, Tinsel Town's makeup and beauty salons, fine clothing stores and tailors, jewelers, and makers of $5K+ handbags all gear up for their high season, Award Show season, when everybody who is anybody, or banging anybody, gets to put on between one and twenty of their finest outfits to step before cameras and adoring crowds and thank the world for letting them 'express their gifts'.

Well, it is an annual collective celebrity circle jerk of super-sized ego proportions, but we can't deny that it also being joy to our own hearts, and a spring to our loin-area step, as some of the finest women in Hollywood spend hours perfecting their hotness. Women such as super-sextastic Jennifer Lawrence, who looked amazing once again at last night's Critics Choice Awards, flashing a little cleave, showing off her Mother Nature given good looks, and pretending all the while to be modest and demure.

It was two years ago really when we first saw Jennifer Lawrence breakout during Award Season at various show, stealing red carpets left and right. Now, it's time for Jennifer to breakout of some of those clothes, I dare say. Next steps. Enjoy.