Avril Lavigne Sexy Cute Punky Pictures from FHM Australia Continue Her Minx-tastic Reign

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bill-swift - February 16, 2012

I once had a paid escort girlfriend ask my why I kept so much old stuff around my place. I asked her if she preferred guys who like to toss things out when the next greatest thing comes along. Then she pointed out my middle school track pants hanging over a chair and she won the argument. But, the point is, sometimes, it's just hard to let go. Personally, I'm still hanging onto my lust affair with Avril Lavigne even though it peaked a good ten years ago and has kind of had not all that much to keep it going. It still goes. Can you relate?

In her pictorial running in this month's FHM Australia, the Canadian faux-punker-skater chick does what she does best, just looks all kinds of minxy and cute and hot and like the kind of girl you'd like to get nekkid with for a weekend at the Red Roof Inn.  Yeah, maybe her act isn't changing much, but those of us who peaked athletically (if not mentally) at age 12 should understand hanging on for just a bit longer. Enjoy.