Avril Lavigne Celebrates 33rd Birthday In LA

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aldo-vallon - October 2, 2017

 Great bejeezus, how is it possible that Avril Lavigne is only 33 years old? The woman feels like she has been around forever. Talk about making a man feel like he has wasted his life. This chick did more in a quarter of a century than I will do in the next two. I am going to have to do something about that pronto. I am a horrendous singer, so my future as a pop star is out. Unless of course someone wants me to sing the part of Olivia Newton-John on every song in the Grease soundtrack. It does not sound good by any metric, but I figure there is niche market for everything nowadays, so maybe that will be my thing. God knows I do not have any other talents. if my future success rides on my ability to invent something then I am going to end up dirt poor and living in a refrigerator box. The only good idea I have ever had was for a heated toilet seat. Imagine my despair when I discovered someone had already invented one years before. I am still thinking about taking legal action. Somehow they must have read my mind and stolen the idea. 


Photo Credit: Splash News