‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Super Bowl Spot Features Team-Ups Galore (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - February 5, 2018


So here's an interesting twist on the way things have been... This new thirty second TV-spot for May's Avengers: Infinity War that Marvel spent $5 million to air during last night's Super Bowl shows our heroes getting super serious and angry, while the villains seem to be having a blast. Most hardcore comic book fans have always been disappointed by Marvel constantly undercutting their heroes with humor in the MCU. Some characters work for that sort of thing—Tony Stark and the Guardians, for sure—and some just don't—Doctor Strange being the most notable example to date.

However, there's no more laughy laughs or jokie jokes for our heroes in this film, oh no. Everyone is pissed off and ready to kick Thanos and his Ballchinian buddies back to the abyss, which is a choice, for sure. I mean, there's nothing terribly funny about the end of the world, so I guess I see where the somber tone comes from. Thank goodness the aforementioned big purple threat in this film finishes out the trailer with a big smile at the camera. 

Two things happen here... One, obviously, we see that he's the one having fun this time around, and we'll probably be laughing along with him come next May. But secondly, the cgi looks to have improved substantially from two months ago when the IW trailer debuted. He no longer looks like he rode the Polar Express here from Deadeyesville, but there's an actual glint of life in those cg-eyes of his. There's something downright Brolin-esque happening, and thank goodness. I was worried this was gonna be another Grand Moff Tarkin-sized annoyance. 

We've got some more Super Bowl trailers headed your way later today, but let us know if you like this new serious tone from these heroes in the comments section below!