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Travis is one of Egotastic's 'gaming' writers. He's a born and raised Canadian but doesn't live in an igloo and has, believe it or not, never ridden a polar bear or met an Eskimo. I know, crazy...right? Travis has a strong passion for both video games and writing as well as the wonderful world of comic books. He has even given his arm, and several days worth of pain, for Marvel Comics with a superhero sleeve. Travis is known for liking those who 'Like' his Facebook page and disliking those who frown upon his colorful arm.

The Lord of the Rings Online’s ‘Against the Shadow’ Update Revealed

Warner Bros. has officially announced the next update for their MMO ‘The Lord of the Rings Online’. The update titled ‘Against the Shadow’ marks the ninth major update for the MMO, which is based off the widely successful Lord of the Rings trilogy written by the late J.R.R. Tolkien.


DmC’s Dante and the Top 7 Biggest Lady’s Men in Gaming

Monday morning is here again and another Top 7 is heading your way. Last week, we took a look at a look at the wacky world of Easter eggs and it was a trip, for lack of a better word. This week we snap back to reality and take a look at something we can all relate to…or at least try.


Bioshock Infinite Delayed…Again

According to Creative Director Ken Levine, Bioshock: Infinite has been delayed yet again.

Levine made the statement recently at a Bioshock Infinite event claiming, in the nicest way possible, that it was actually Epic’s former Direction Manage, Rod Fergusson, who was to blame for the delay.


Egotastic Interview: EnGeniux’s Derrick Samuels, Creator of EVO and OTON

If you recall, I did an article earlier in the week regarding a new console called the OTON X that apparently has the ability to self-generate games. I’ve been finding it hard to believe that something like this could be a legitimate product and I’ve doubted its quality, but my recent interview with CEO and Founder of EnGeniux Derrick Samuels has made me a believer.

Derrick contacted me after my article was posted and was willing to give me an inside scoop on what really makes the OTON X tick and why it could very well change the face of gaming as we know it. Read more… »

Cold Coffee: In-Game Advertising

As much as we’d love to believe that video game developers make enough money with the stupid amount we’re forced to pay for games, that’s apparently not the case. On top of all their ridiculously priced collector’s/limited/special editions, we also have the massive amount of overpriced DLC post launch that we’re constantly reminded of. Read more… »

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo Coming December 13, Special Edition PS3 Console Revealed

Did anyone happen to be at this year’s Tokyo Game Show? Well, for all those who weren’t lucky enough to go and get a hands-on experience with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Konami is releasing the TGS demo on PSN on December 13 for one and all. Read more… »

Diablo II’s Cow Level and the Top 7 Greatest Easter Eggs in Gaming

One of the greatest aspect of video games is the many secrets that lie buried deep under the surface. These can be anything from secret levels to hidden messages and are always amusing is some form or other. The best part of these ‘Easter Eggs’ is that, in a time when everything about a video game is leaked before the game even hits the shelf, they’re still able to give us a bit of that genuine surprise we remember from back when we were young.