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Duke-Ohio State Headline a Great Week of College Hoops

As the college football season starts to wind down you better believe that the basketball season will be heating up. Each week the men are going to continue to separate themselves from the boys until in the end we have the best of the best playing for all the marbles because March Madness will be here before you know it.

Take UConn as an example. The Huskies  looked like one of the men early on, but are now on the outside looking in. However a big win this week (like over No. 18 North Carolina State) could go a long way with voters.

Breaking back in (or in for those that haven't been ranked before, getting in) is the theme for most teams this week. A win of for Texas over Georgetown could be enough to get the Longhorns ranked. San Diego State will have a tough time staying in the top 25 this week. UCLA needs to start putting up before they are told to simply shut up.

The only game between ranked teams is tonight; No. 2 Duke and No. 4 Ohio State. If you can't watch it you might want to set your DVR.

Colts Cheerleaders Prove Bald is Truly Beautiful and Other Craziness Highlight a Great Week in Football

Every week the action on the field seems to get better and better. Can you really beat Notre Dame earning spot in the BCS title game? Wisconsin's Montee Ball setting the career touchdown mark? Or how about the wild shootout in the Bedlam Series? Or the crazy finish Baltimore pulled off in San Diego on Sunday? I could go on and on and on and on and on and--you get the picture, right?

As good as the action was on the field there were plenty of action that surrounded the game off the field as well. We got a fan trying to get Philly/Carolina tickets in exchange for leftover Halloween candy, Arkansas fans singing the praises of Jon Gruden, a coach using his bonus to buy fans a drink and so much more!

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The SEC Championship Headlines a Great Slate of College Football Action this Weekend!

Half of the mystery surrounding the BCS title game has been answered; the Fighting Irish are in. All eyes will be on the SEC title game to see whether Alabama gets a chance to repeat or if Notre Dame will be trying to beat up on Aaron Murray and the Bulldogs instead.

Georgia fans might not be too happy with me, but the Bulldogs don't deserve to be in the title game. They've run roughshod over a weak schedule, was decimated by the one top ranked opponent they did play (South Carolina), and squeezed past a Florida team that was trying its hardest to implode. Sorry guys, but the Crimson Tide are going to remind people why they are the defending national champs by time they are done with you.

The rest of the slate of conference championship games look pretty entertaining as well (with the exception of the ACC; FSU is going to roll over Georgia Tech). Some of the best games will not be in an actual championship game. Since they are down to 10 teams the Big 12 no longer has a conference title game so it will be decided by the K-State/Texas game and Oklahoma/TCU.

It's hard to say who is going to win most of the games, but it is easy to say that some great football will be played!

New York Jets Lose Super Fan “Fireman Ed” for the Season

The New York Jets have not had the kind of season that they or their fans thought they were going to have this year. After being competitive the last few years the didn't have reason to think that they would not be the same this year.

Boy, where they wrong!

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Notre Dame Taking Home the Jeweled Shillelagh Highlights Some Great Rivalry Week Action

There is one game every season where it is pretty much impossible to predict who wins. It is the one game where records do not matter. Win and you can make your season; lose and your season is a failure regardless of how high you might be ranked. For this one game the best and the worst come out for no better reason that good ole' fashioned hate.

I'm talking about Rivalry Week of course.

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Cleveland Browns Ready to Wave the White Flag?

A couple weeks ago Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan started a small controversy after losing a game when he implied that the rest of the season was going to be treated like a tryout to see who would be on the team for years to come. The immediate response to him apparently giving up on the season was swift and angry. Shanahan later tried to claim that he was not implying anything of the sort, but fans were not interested in listening.

After watching that drama unfold over the media you would think that the other 31 teams would have learned a lesson from Shanahan's flub. So far it appears that at least 30 of them did; everyone but the Cleveland Browns.

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John Madden’s Turducken and Other Treats Courtesy of the NFL on Thanksgiving

Growing up I can remember looking forward to the Thanksgiving Day football games the way a fat kid would over a lifetime supply of Twinkies. Knowing that the games were coming up afterwards were the only way I could sit through those incredibly boring parades that Mom always loved to watch. As long as I could watch some football on Thursday I could put up with an handle anything.

If only that theory wasn't tested just about every Turkey Day. For some reason Mom would call us to the dinner table as the first game was winding down and the Cowboys were driving towards the end zone for the winning score. You'd think living in Texas you would know how important those moments were!

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