Travis Pulver

Vikings Linebacker Chad Greenway Wants Everyone Drunk By Kickoff Sunday

Teams will often go to any length in order to get an advantage over their opponent (within the rules, that is—don’t laugh). For the home team the crowd can be an invaluable tool to the team.  If they are nice and rowdy at the right times it can really disrupt the opposing teams making it hard for them to make their calls.

On Sunday when the Vikings face one of their biggest rivals in the Chicago Bears they will need all the help they can get. After starting the season 4-1 they hit a slump going 2-5 over the last seven. At 6-6 they are among a small pack of teams on the outside looking in at the playoffs.


No. 10 Gonzaga vs. No. 13 Illinois Highlight a Great Week in College Basketball Action

As the season goes on we are starting to see some really good story lines developing; well-some entertaining and dramatic ones at least.

After losing a pair of games to teams that were not ranked the mighty Kentucky Wildcats have fallen out of the top 25. No, sports fans, pigs aren’t flying. It just might be that these guys are not overnight sensations like the five guys that UK had last year.

That’s the problem with high expectations–you only have two options. Either you back them up or you fail. So far these guys are failing.

Indiana appears to be no joke and will likely look that way till they meet up with Minnesota in mid-January, but they won’t really get tested till February when they play Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio State in three consecutive games.

In the meantime it will be a lot of fun to see who continues to dominate and who starts to fall by the wayside. After all, you can only pretend for so long. Eventually the competition will catch up with you!

You Have to Love the Jets, Nick Lachey, and Prince Amukamara and How They Highlight a Crazy Week in Football

There really is never a dull moment when it comes to the great game of football. Whether it’s the off-season and players are getting traded (or more than likely getting in trouble) to training camp and your favorite star has an “owee” and his coach is questioning his manhood in the media, football is always good for a laugh (rumor has it they actually play the game every Saturday and Sunday too!).

This past weekend was just like every other chock full of crazy, wacky antics from some of the usual suspects. The Jets could almost go for their own reality channel– let alone show– with all the craziness that seems to surround that team. Apparently fans in San Diego were not too crazy about the boy band 98 Degrees; either that or they just didn’t like Nick Lachey backing the Bengals in their house. Remember the controversy surrounding New York Giants defensive back Prince Amukamara? He’s back, and this time he’s talking about his throne.

And those are just the highlights from the week!


Fate Must be on the Side of the Redskins

It’s been a long time since the Washington Redskins have been relevant in their division let alone the conference or league. They haven’t won the NFC East since 1999. The last four seasons they came in last. In the last two decades they’ve won two playoff games and been to the post season just four times.

Since he became the majority shareholder in 1999, owner Dan Snyder hasn’t hesitated to spend money in order to make the team into a winner. No matter how much he dished out though, the results never quite justified the means.

If Monday night’s game is any indication, the Redskins luck could finally be changing for the better.


It’s Time to Go Bowling Baby! Do You Know When Your Favorite Team is Playing?

The one bowl match-up everyone knew for certain was the BCS Championship game, a classic tilt between two of the most historic programs in the country, the No. 1 Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and the No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide. ‘Bama has been set as the early 9.5 point favorite, but I can’t imagine that sticking. The Irish are a much better team than that; if they don’t win there is no way they lose by more than three.

Beyond that game there were a lot of good match-ups, some not so good ones, and some that could be considered down right bad. There has bee a lot of discussion on how teams are selected, and it would not be surprising if there was a lot more during the entire Bowl Season.

No matter what, the slate is set with the first game, the New Mexico Bowl, scheduled to kick off on December 15 at 1 PM ET with the Nevada Wolf Pack taking on the Arizona Wildcats. Thirty three games later, the BCS Championship kicks off at 8:30 PM ET at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

So guys, set your DVRs; it’s time to go bowling!

Heisman Finalists are Named with No Surprises

With the regular season done (with the exception of the Army/Navy game), the Bowl game schedule set and teams getting ready to play, there is just one thing left to do to bring the 2012 regular season to a close: the awards need to be handed out.

A number of position specific awards are handed out, but the main one can technically go to anyone even though a quarterback or running back are the most common winners. I’m talking about the Heisman Trophy of course.


The Inevitable Finally Happens for the New York Jets–Mark Sanchez Gets Pulled

It has been a longtime coming. Since the preseason there have been some that said it needed to be done. Week in and week out there were near constant calls from fans and the media for it to happen, but it didn’t. For one reason or another the man in charge did not think that it was necessary, but maybe the stark realization that he is probably going to lose his job at the end of the season made him do it.

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan benched the perpetually struggling Mark Sanchez.