Travis Pulver

Bounty-Gate Might Finally be Coming to a Close Soon

If it seems like this whole Bounty-Gate scandal involving the New Orleans Saints has been going on forever, well—that’s because it has. Now it looks like the whole mess will take a giant leap towards actually being complete.

Former commissioner Paul Tagliabue, who was specially appointed by Roger Goodell to hear the appeals from the four accused players, has said that he will be issuing his decision sometime on today. That will likely not be the end of it with Judge Helen Berrigan expected to issue her ruling within a week of Tagliabue’s announcement.


Three NFL Single Season Records Being Seriously Challenged in 2012

There are certain things we expect to see every NFL season; someone is going to rise, someone else is going to fall, someone is going to come out of nowhere and shine, and someone is going to do something incredibly stupid and get in a lot of trouble.

What we don’t expect to see are a lot of records falling, but if three guys have their way in the final three games we could see three of the most challenging single season records broken by time the regular season ends– receiving yards (1,848), rushing yards (2,105), and sacks (22.5).


Johnny Heisman, Almost for Army, and the FBI Highlight a Great Week in Football

What a weekend! I know I must say that all the time, but I think it is safe to say that it has been a fantastic season on and off the gridiron this year!

The college regular season is now officially done now that the last game, the Army/Navy game, has been played. It might pit the two biggest programs in the nation against each other, but they are definitely two of the most historic and most deserving of the respect of fans and non-fans alike. The weekend also saw the culmination of the college awards season with some history being made as Johnny ‘Football’ Manziel took home the Heisman.

Tack that on with a whole lot of drama on and off the NFL field–including the FBI and the Redskins–and you have the makings of a great week for football fans everywhere!


Vince Young to the Cardinals?

Larry Fitzgerald must feel trapped. Here he is one of the best wide receivers of the day and he is stuck on one of the worst teams that the NFL has seen in years. He’s not just on it; the man is under contract through the 2018 season making him an Arizona Cardinal for life.

All his talent means nothing–and he is one of the most talented wide receivers in the game– if the team does not have a decent player at quarterback. Kevin Kolb had started to look the part before his ribs got seriously messed up. John Skelton didn’t suck last year; this year is a different story. Ryan Lindley—well, the kid tried, but he is clearly out of his element.


2012 Heisman Finalists: Who’s Your Pick to Win?

When the college football season started, a lot of the world assumed the Heisman trophy was USC’s  Matt Barkley‘s to lose (which of course he did). After Barkley, Geno Smith appeared to be the man in charge (until he wasn’t). Then it became Collin Klein‘s award to lose (which thanks to a shocking performance by a poor Baylor defense he probably has).

The Heisman trophy and who is expected to win it is something that is followed almost as closely as who the contestants for the national title will be. We are talking about designating a single player as the best player in college football for the last season; everyone wants to be able to say they called it way back  in [insert arbitrary date here].


The Army/Navy Game: the Most Respected Game in Football

For all intents and purposes, the 2012 regular season for college football is done. The rankings are set, the bowl game matchups have been made, and the majority of the awards have been handed out.

However, the regular season is not done yet, because the best has been saved for last. No, it’s not a game between Alabama and whoever, but a game between two of the most historic institutions of higher learning in the nation; two institutions where sports do come after academics, and a whole host of other things; two institutions that are more concerned with the overall quality of a man than his ability to tackle or catch a pass.

I’m talking about the Army/Navy Game of course.


Kasandra Perkins’ and Jovan Belcher’s Daughter Will be Taken Care of By the NFL

There is no way that anyone will ever be able to truly understand the tragedy that occurred in Kansas City last Saturday morning. The death of  Kasandra Perkins and Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher are something that never should have happened. To make the matter even worse than the loss of two lives, is the fact that their three month old daughter Zoey is now without either of her parents.

Across the country hearts went out to the young Zoey and still are. How is she going to cope with this? True, she will not remember being there, but someone will eventually tell her that she was. How does she move on? Who is going to care for her? What kind of life is she going to have?