Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Pictures

So, there’s been a lot of talk about the Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape “scandal” the past few days, but since there haven’t been any pictures or videos, we haven’t really bothered to talk about it. Until now that is. Vivid, the omnipresent porn company which plans on releasing the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape has let slip some pictures featuring a then 18-year-old Kendra Wilkinson nude. Of course, all the good bits are strategically covered.

Anyway, there’s been a whole hubbub about how she wilfully made the tapes, and then tried shopping them around herself last year, and now she’s “fighting” with Vivid to block the tapes from coming out, but that’s all marketing bullshit to get people to think that the tapes might not come out, so that when they do, everyone rushes out to buy them. It’s the same pretend fighting that surrounded the Paris Hilton sex tape. A tape she made millions of dollars off of.

You see, just like Paris, Kendra is a whore, and whores make sex tapes. I don’t have any problem with that, but I do have a problem with someone acting like a pure princess when the only thing anyone has ever known them for is fucking an 80-year-old man and his two other girlfriends on a nightly basis.

Brooklyn Decker Bikini Pictures are the Best Thing Ever

I think it’s official. Brooklyn Decker is the hottest woman on the planet, as these Brooklyn Decker bikini pictures so clearly illustrate. Brooklyn’s in Hawaii filiming scenes for what is surely going to be another crap Jennifer Aniston movie, but at least this Jennifer Aniston movie will have Brooklyn Decker in a bikini. Oh, and it will also have Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman doing a bikini hula dance. So maybe it won’t completely suck after all… Though it probably will.

Photo credit: Splash News

Audrina Patridge Bikini Pictures are All That’s Left for Her Career

Now that The Hills is coming to an end, looks like Audrina Patridge is settling well into her future as a Vegas bikini hostess. This is the second time in only one month that Audrina has playd host to some Douchetastic bikini party, and while I don’t mind seeing Audrina Patridge bikini pictures, this career path is just a little pathetic. Then again, with no acting skills to speak of, there’s really little else she’s qualified to do.

Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman Bikini Hula Dance Video

Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman are shooting a movie in Hawaii, and we haven’t seen any bikini pictures of either of them. Until now, that is. Thanks to this behind the scenes video from Entertainment Tonight, we’ve got Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman bikini hula dancing, and looking fucking hot while doing it. There are also some very fat women in the background, so do try to ignore them. Things to watch for: Jennifer Aniston’s jiggling cleavage and Nicole Kidman’s killer tight tummy.

Watch the Video »

Lucy Pinder Topless Pictures from Picture


Yes, these Lucy Pinder topless pictures are from a magazine called Picture. I wonder what kind of pictures they publish… But at least you know what you’re getting. And in this case, we’re getting some ridiculously sexy Lucy Pinder topless pictures. Well, alright.

Brooklyn Decker Alessandra Ambrosio and Crystal Renn Bikini Pictures are Glamourous

Raise your hand if you like Supermodels in bikinis! Did you raise your hand? Is everyone in your office looking at you funny now? Good job. But to make that self humiliation worth it, here are Brooklyn Decker, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Crystal Renn in some sexy bikini pictures from Glamour magazine. You know, it’s days like these where I don’t completely hate my job.

Did Katy Perry Go Commando!?


Um… So I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here, but it kinda looks like Katy Perry isn’t wearing any underwear under her dress at the Costume Institute Gala the other night (or if she is, it’s very sheer). I can’t be sure, but either way, that dress has one crazy high slit up the leg, which could very well be revealing another slit… So, the question is: Is that Katy Perry’s pussy? Probably not, but it’s damned close!