Viral Video Load: Today’s Best Videos to Waste Your Time With

Russian Girls
Cold War Means Hard Nipples

Dreadful Monday is here and we can’t hit the rewind button to make it the weekend again, at least not until the Libyans show up with that stolen plutonium for my DeLorean that I asked for. Therefore suck it up, kick off your week on the right foot  with these  bundle of joy videos that will help make your Mondays suck a little less.



Video games turned to reality

Classic video games turned to reality
Mario comes to life!

Nice guys finish last?

Nice guys finish last??
Nice guys gone bad!

Viral Video Load: Entertaining Videos To Waste Your Time With!

Funny Ghost Prank
Funny Ghost Prank!

Friday is the best day of the week! Not only is it the end of the work week, but it’s also when the doc refills my aderall prescription–which is in fact the only thing that helps me survive Monday through Thursday. Hope this viral video load makes your workday go by quicker so you can enjoy your frisky Friday night activities. Personally, mine include a poster of Taylor Lautner, a One Direction album a dvd boxset of Friends, some gasoline and a match.

Pantless Subway Ride

Pantless Subway Ride!


Azeliaa Banks
Azealia Banks Music Video