Miranda Kerr On the Catwalk and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Real life G.I. Jane. Woah. (TheChive)

Kim Kardashian bikini picture. (HuffPo)

Courtney Stodden gets weird with her grandpa. (HuffPo)

Miranda Kerr on the catwalk. (GossipCenter)

Scarlett Johansson bikini goodness. (Celebuzz)

Whitney Houston poolside bikini pictures days before her death. (TMZ)

When student loans eff you, you should wear protection. (CollegeHumor)

Our sexy friend Diana Falzone tells you how to score with the ladies. (Maxim U.K.)

Vanessa Hudgens Gets Frenched and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Former Miss Vietnam DC, current hottie. (COED)

Shakira attacked by a sea lion. (GossipCop)

Sexy lingerie model. (TheChive)

Jessica Biel out looking hot. (Popoholic)

Look what Hefner’s son did to Claire Sinclair. Not cool. (TMZ)

Nina Dobrev unleashes her sexy new magazine spread. (Celebuzz)

Vanessa Hudgens spreads the sexy throughout Paris. (GossipCenter)

Courtney Stodden Back in the Recording Studio; Maybe 2012 Is the Year of the Apocalypse?

Oh, sure, when asked to comment about your major wishes in life, many of you will politically correctly state your desire for health and well-being of your family and friends, world peace, and for the end of women’s spoerts coverage on ESPN, but, deep down, we know what you’re all really praying for — Courtney Stodden to get back into the recording studio and make some more beautiful music!

Well, your prayers are answered. In this exclusive look, capture all the Mozart-like music making majesty of the statutorily assaulted teenage wife and pushed-up bosom tarty wonderment that is Courtney Stodden as she hits the studio to let her inner artist run free with the notes. Between this and recent news that Billionaire Barbie is producing her own club mix album, I think it’s fair to say popular music is about to get a solid kick in the pants. A new golden era for audiophiles is soon upon us. Or, you know, the Apocalypse. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Coleman-Rayner

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Billionaire Barbie’s Red Ferrari Remains Intact and Almost Two Months Old

As you know, we’ve been tracking the progress of Billionaire Barbie and her new $280,000 Ferrari, anticipating that the life span on the fine Italian motorcar under the not so careful stewardship of one lazy eye and one boggle-brained heiress with a penchant for distilled beverages and car crash would be short lived. We predicted 34 days. But, lo and behold, on Day 51 since purchase, the red beauty remains intact. 

Looks like somebody’s been taking their court-ordered driver safety courses seriously. So, what, maybe another 30 days max before the total? Enjoy.

Rooney Mara Does Paris and Other Fine Things to Ogle

A year of celebrity wardrobe malfunctions. (HuffPo)

Salma Hayek gets knighted. (FoxNews)

Elizabeth Banks gets Lucky. (GossipCenter)

Rooney Mara debuts Dragon Tattoo in Paris. (Celebuzz)

Demi Moore joins cast of new porn movie. (theFABlife)

The best New Year’s resolutions. (CollegeHumor)

Hayden Panettiere bikini picture. (DrunkenStepfather)

Courtney Stodden rolling around on the floor. (GossipCop)

Could Lady Gaga Own the Most Interesting Celebrity Photoshoot of the Year?


Cheesecake shots ain’t what they used to be, not when you’re talking about Lady Gaga, who, call her what you will, she’s never boring, and that’s pretty damn interesting. While many hushed hushed murmurs of pokerface, err,  butterface surface in most debates about this worldwide female phenomenon, there’s no debate about the fact that this young dramatic diva has few limits when it comes to visual self-expression. Match Lady Gaga with counter culture celeb friendly photographer, Terry Richardson, and you have what may be certainly the most unique celebrity photoshoot of the past year. Yes, there have definitely been hotter, but weirder? That’d be tough to be beat. Gaga owns that turf.

Check it out and decide for yourself. Enjoy.


READER FINDS: Melissa Satta See-Through, Adrianne Curry Nekkid, Monica Bellucci Topless, and Much More…

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This week’s bacchanalia of the boobtastic includes Bostonian turned Italian Melissa Satta in see-through lingerie, Adrianne Curry classically nekkid for the Bunny, veteran uber-sextastic Monica Belluci in a glorious film still, hot hot heated Leilani Dowding in a weird full frontal mannequinish pic, Aussie diva Holly Valance super hot, a double hot topless preview of the upcoming House of Lies TV series with Dawn Olivieri and Megalyn Echikunwoke, Swedish lingerie model Johanna Lundback see-through, and Romanian super soccer fan, Denisa Nechita, flashing her soccer balloons. Talk about Santa being good to us this Christmas.
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