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TwitPic RoundUp: Adrianne Curry Arm Bra! Bella Thorne And Selena Gomez Bikinis!!

This week there are some seriously tasty dishes in our Twitpic RoundUp. The hot ladies of the world spent their time Instagraming and Tweeting lots of scantily clad pics. Maybe it’s a sign that Spring has sprung. We start with seriously sexy Adrianne Curry completely naked and using her arm as a strategically placed bra. Adrianne has one of the best racks I’ve ever seen and it’s my job to look at boobs. Next we have ginger beauty Bella Thorne in a tiny pink bikini. Bella Thorne makes me think some very bad thoughts. There is also Selena Gomez who is, wait for it, in a bikini. I’m starting to believe that Selena only wears bikinis. Seriously, it’s like every day. Not that there is anything wrong with that. You can also see Olivia Wilde‘s thong, Kendall Jenner sticking her hand down her sister Kylie‘s pants, and Maitland Ward wearing only body paint. Joy!

Jessica Lowndes also shows off her bikini body while floating in a pool. And of course, we can’t forget Charlotte McKinney demurely covering her ginormous boobage with her hands. Seriously, this gallery goes on and on with seriously sexy pics.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Signe Rasmussen Pierced And See Through

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European hottie Signe Rasmussen bared it all for Bambi Magazine. First she started off in some see-through lingerie, and what’s that? Is that a nipple piercing? Yes, it is mi amigos. The whole thing becomes clear when, oops, her clothes fall off and you get a long hard look at her perfect, and I mean PERFECT, ta-tas. I’m not one for piercings but these subtle nipple barbells are sure doing the trick. It helps that she’s got the perfect-sized slightly upturned chi chis that are just aesthetically gorgeous. You also get a good look at the rest of her which is just incredible. Look at the shape of that thumper. It’s the kind of booty a man could wear as a hat. And let’s not forget those long, luscious legs. She really is the complete package.

It is amazing to me how many hot women there are in Europe. Some countries churn out hotties like nothing. It’s like Brazil except with slightly smaller butts.

Photo Credit: Enric Galceran For Bambi Magazine

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Topless Covered

Sexy English vixen Rosie Huntington-Whitely posed topless with only a strategically placed arm to cover up her jubblies. Rosie has got a truly amazing pair of funbags. Seriously, they are a work of art. I don’t know whether they were bestowed through genetics or the wonders of silicon but they are incredible. In a couple of pictures she is completely nude and demurely covers herself with herself, like you do. In others she is in sexy black leather gear that makes you think some naughty, kinky thoughts. In some pics you even get a hint of that famous booty she’s got going on back there. Rosie has been making big splashes in the modeling world lately and it’s easy to see why. She’s effing hot as hell.

I never find hot chicks half naked in my garden like these pics. It’s usually a homeless dude that’s camped out in the apartment building lawns. I really need to get out of New York.

Photo Credit: Violet Grey

Lucy Hale Gets Leggy In Shorts For Coffee Run

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale was spotted going on a coffee run in a pair of very short shorty shorts. Now is a magical time when all the sexy ladies come out of hibernation and start wearing skimpy clothes. It’s the magic of springtime. Lucy has got a really nice pair of legs. They are thin but have just the right amount of meat on them to make them interesting. In our boob obsessed culture a woman’s legs is often overlooked. Now, I myself am a vigorous boob man, but I do enjoy a good pair of legs. They were probably your grandfather’s favorite part of a woman. That’s why they were featured on the nose of the fighter planes they used to kill Nazis. If Lucy had been alive back in the day I’m sure she would have been a pin-up girl.

I wouldn’t mind having those bad boys wrapped around me in the morning, I’ll tell you that. There are definitely worse things but few better.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Heidi Klum Major Cleavage Show For “America’s Got Talent” Season 10 Red Carpet

Teutonic beauty Heidi Klum showed off her mighty jugs at a red carpet event for America’s Got Talent. Heidi was sporting a semi see-through dress with a deep plunging neckline. The result was some mondo cleavage action. I’ve been a fan of Heidi’s schnitzels since back in the day when she graced the pages of the Victoria’s Secret catalog when I was in high school. That’s a twenty year love affair that will last forever. As if all of that boobage wasn’t enough, Heidi’s dress was also hella short, which meant that you got a good long look at those famous legs. Heidi has got that classical tall model thing going and most of that is her long, luscious legs. She’s the kind of woman that only gets better with age like a fine wine.

Admiring Heidi’s sexiness was the only thing that got me through being forced to watch several seasons of Project Runway. But it was worth it to see her amazing cleav and legs. Sometimes you have to sacrifice.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews

Never Invite Jon Snow Over For Dinner

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Game of Thrones is coming back for season 5 this Sunday and I for one am super stoked, (as a 90′s stoner might say). I can’t wait to see my favorite chracters like Tyrion, Daenerys, and Littlefinger again. But there is one character that’s always irritated the piss out of me: Jon Snow. This guy is the saddest sack in the seven kingdoms. He lacks any of the charisma of a Jaime Lannister or the wit of Varys. No, he’s just kind of boring and brooding. Sure, some genuinely crappy stuff has happened to him in his life. He was a bastard that was mistreated by his stepmother, his dad and brother were killed, and his love was shot in the chest by a twelve year old. But still, why so grim, Jon?

This led Seth Myers to think that the last person you would want to invite to a dinner party was poor old mopey Jon Snow. Talk about a buzz kill. He can’t really help it, I guess. Maybe all he needs is to get laid again and a nice big hug.

Georgia Sumner Covered Topless And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Georgia Sumner in blessed cotton panties. (Drunken Stepfather)

Winter may be over but here are some hot scantily clad girls in beanie hats. (The Chive)

Kylie Jenner is looking leggy as F these days. (TMZ)

Sweet Jesus, Sofia Vergara is covered topless in Vanity Fair. (Huffington Post)

Jill Bunny shows off her muscular, toned, bikini body. (Hollywood Tuna)

Barbara Fialhos in lingerie will melt your eyeballs. (Popoholic)

Genevieve Morton without a top in cut-off shorts is amazing. (The Superficial)