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Kim Kardashian Braless In A See-Through Tight Dress

Oh, Kim Kardashian. Every day I wake up, make some coffee, pour myself a bowl of Cap'n Crunch and ask myself, "How will Kim show off her splendid funbags today?" I am never disappointed. Today's entry in the ongoing battle between Kim and clothes is this see-through dress. You can see the exact outline of her Kardashinips because, like most days, Kim forgot to wear a bra. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Kim despises bras more than any other woman in the world. What Earthly object of cotton, silk, and wire could hope to contain such magnificent orbs of lady flesh? None, that's why she doesn't wear them. That Kanye is one lucky bastard. He gets unlimited access to those badboys whenever he wants.

Some people have all the luck. All that we mere mortals can do is stare at her sweater hams and dream of the day when all women have ta-tas like Kim and bras are a thing of the past.

Olivia Culpo Waiting For Nick Jonas In A Bikini

Former Miss USA and current Nick Jonas sex friend Olivia Culpo was spotted in Miami wearing a tiny white bikini. Her pageant winning curves were on full display. Olivia has has a nice pair of lovely lady plums that looked particularly nice in this tiny top. She certainly wins the swimsuit competition...of my heart. Also she's got a miniscule bottom that is very tight on her. How tight? Well, let's just say that she has a bit of the toe of the camel going on downstairs in her business area. Olivia is really hot, though. Like, seriously hot. You have to wonder what better thing Nick Jonas had to do that he was keeping her waiting around?

These kids today, I tell ye. In my day, sexy chicks were hard to come by and you didn't keep them waiting. Then again, I was never a rock star...or whatever you'd call a Jonas brother.

Real People Try Cosmo’s Sex Positions

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I don't much care for Cosmo magazine's sex advice. What mortal man can live up to those kinds of expectations? If you don't give your woman multiple brain shattering orgasms every time you are a bad lover. They also want you to do all kinds of weird sex positions. Now, I'm a fat bastard. Not need to be cut out of my house fat, but definitely chubby. I can manage maybe four positions realistically. But I don't think that I'm alone. Even if you are a thin person, unless you practice yoga for five hours every day, I doubt that you can manage most of these crazy positions. In this video and average couple try to reenact the sexual positions that Cosmo says will make your sex mind blowing. Good luck with that.

Yara Khmidan’s Hot Bikini Bod And Other Fine Things TO Ogle

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Kate Upton Shows Her Black Bra In A See-Through Top In NYC

Boobtacular superstar Kate Upton was showing off her black bra in a see-through shirt while in New York City. I'm assuming that the shirt is supposed to be transparent as it also has a bunch of rips in it. The result is a fairly clear view of those legendary funbags. Kate's ta-tas should be in some kind of booby hall of fame. They are seriously in the top three best racks on the planet and I should know. I consider myself a connoisseur of the boobtastic arts. It's literally my job to talk about boobs all day and I could wax rhapsodic about Kate's chi-chis till dawn. But I will spare you my bad poetry. What I will say is that Kate should only wear shirts you can see through. That or bikinis or just underwear. Or nothing, whatever she prefers.

How was she in New York and no one told me? I would have gladly put on pants and schlepped into Manhattan if I got to ogle those lady melons bopping down the street.


Ariana Grande Looking Hot In London

Ariana Grande was looking seriously sexy after leaving a visit to BBC 1 radio in London. She was wearing a black crop top with a deep plunging neckline. There was cleave for all, my friends. Ariana has a nice pair of lady plums that I would personally like to check for ripeness, if you get my meaning. Her bare mid-riff was also exposed and it was a sight to see. She's got a nice tight stomach with a lot of tone to it. It's a delight. I think Ariana is seriously hot. She's genuinely pretty in a girl next door kind of way. That is, if you live net door to a family of really good looking people.

They say that she's a bit of a diva but if you look like that you can get away with those kinds of shenanigans. Lord knows I would gladly go get her a double mocha non-fat cappuccino whenever she wanted one.


Why Do We Need A “Ghostbusters” Reboot?

When I was seven years old my grandfather took me to see the original Ghostbusters. I fell in love. I didn't get all the jokes, of course. Particularly Bill Murray's sexy humor. But I knew I was seeing something special. I, like many of my friends, was a Ghostbuster for Halloween. Then, a few years later, Ghostbusters 2 came out. It was nowhere near as good as the original one but it was still pretty fun and, most importantly, it had the original four characters that we all fell in love with. Now the rumor is that Paul Feig will do a reboot with all women. I have no problem with it being women. In a way, it's better. It would be unacceptable for anyone play Dr. Peter Venkman who is not Bill Murray. I question the entire enterprise. Why do we need a Ghostbusters 3?

More is not always better, particularly when a movie sequel is made 20-30 years after the original. When has that ever been good? Godfather III? Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? The Star Wars prequels? "But Jack, it's a reboot. What about Batman or Star Trek?". OK, I'll give you that those were solid, but we had been used to different interpretations of Batman and other Star Trek spin-offs. But the only Ghostbusters we've had are the two original films and a decent cartoon series with the original characters. I'll hold my final opinion until I see the movie, but I'm not optimistic.