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Emmy Rossum And Her Booty Went For A Jog

Actress and hot person Emmy Rossum went for a run on the set of Shameless in a pair of short shorts. They are the kind of shorts that were popular in the 70's when all anyone did was jog and bone. Emmy has a pretty spectacular booty. It's got just the right combination of curve and slim. Emmy also showed off her toned, flat bare midriff. Who needs that extra torso fabric when you are trying to exercise? Not Emmy. Her top is just a sports bra allowing us just a peek at her dynamite cleavage. I'm going to program my DVR to record this Shameless show so I can see more of Emmy in a sports bra.

I do so love jogging. Not doing it myself, of course, but watching women do it. Sometimes when I am walking in the park here in New York I just stand back and admire all of the bouncing boobies jogging their way around the track.

Awesomely Horrible Netflix Instant Films: “The Adventures Of The Baron Munchausen”

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I've always been a fan of the films of Terry Gilliam. From the weird animations he made for Monty Python to Brazil, I've always loved his weird ass movies. The guy is a downright visionary, which is not an exaggeration. But, not like any artist not every piece of art can be great. Sometimes, in the course of trying to be weird, Gilliam just goes too far. That's the case with the visually cool but emotionally empty The Adventures of the Baron Munchausen. It's the kind of movie that seems much better if you are high on some kind of narcotic substance.

The movie tells the tale of an elderly German aristocrat and teller of tall tales named the Baron Munchausen. He shows up at a play about him being performed in a French town that is under siege by some Ottoman tusks or something. The Baron leaves the city in a hot air balloon to find his old associates to stop the war. He travels to the moon where he encounters Robin Williams as king of the Moon. He then goes to some Greek mythology place to get some other dudes and sees Uma Thurman naked in a shell, (she's Venus). He then finds the rest of his buddies that have been swallowed by a whale. All the while the angel of death wants to take the Baron's soul. He returns to the city and manages to defeat the Ottomans. Hooray! Then he dies. Or not. I'm not really sure.

Look, visually this movie is amazing. But cool images don't make a great movie. The script is ludicrous and not because of the subject matter. It's just kind of silly. It's the kind of weird that is more disturbing than fun. The problem is that the movie lacks heart. It's just a series of weird stuff. Still, like I said, the visuals are great and worth a look.

Rihanna In A Bikini Bottom At The Beach In Rio

The real excitement in Rio yesterday wasn't the World Cup final, it was Rihanna swimming in a bikini bottom at the beach. Ri-Ri  came presumably for the soccer games but she stayed for the sexy beach parties. The yellow bottom showed off a good bit of that famous Rihanna booty we all love so much. The gods of butt cleavage bestowed their bounty on these pictures. She was wearing a long top but it did allow for a little bit of bare midriff. Rihanna has an unbelievable stomach. The thing I admire most about Rihanna is her habit of being scantily clad. Then again, if I were a hot girl that looked like that I would run around half naked too. As it is I am not and the world is happy that I keep my clothes on.

The one sad thing, (for me at least), about the World Cup being over is that there will be less pictures of celebrities in bikinis galavanting around the beaches of Rio. Oh well, I have 2018 to look forward to.

Nina Agdal Sporting Tights In NYC

The lovely Nina Agdal was spotted running errands in New York City in a pair of very tight tights. These things were practically a second skin. Every sexy curve was shown off in all its glory. Who doesn't like to go to Whole Foods wearing glorified underwear? She was also in a sports bra top that gave us all a cleavtacular view of those famous funbags. There is also a bit of bare midriff peeking out from the bottom of her shirt. She must have come from doing steamy yoga or whatever the sexy chicks are doing these days. Nina is seriously hot, y'all. She looks smoking even when she's yawning or going grocery shopping.

How many women do you know that could stop traffic with their hottness while doing every day stuff. Probably not many. Unless you hang around with beautiful models all day. In which case I'm filled with jealousy and kinda hate you.

Jodie Gasson Topless Tease In Purple Lingerie


British model and professional naked person Jodie Gasson showed off her luscious ta-tas in some sexy purple lingerie. The extra tight slip showed off all of her glorious curves. It was soon removed to display her big beautiful all-naturals for our viewing pleasure. Call me old fashioned, but I like 'em real and homemade, if you know what I mean. Maybe it's the Latin man in me that appreciates a girl that has a bit of junk in her trunk. Jodie certainly has a nice round booty that is shapely but in no way too big. Jodie is my kind of woman. I like a girl with curves. The times I've been with a curveless too skinny lady in the Biblical sense left me feeling kinda sad.

I'm sure any man who has the pleasure of doing the no-pants dance with Jodie doesn't ever feel unsatisfied. Maybe I'm just projecting here but I think she proficient in the art of doin' it.


Candice Swanepoel Wearing Tights In NYC

South African beauty Candice Swanepoel was spotted leaving the gym in New York City wearing some incredibly constrictive tights. You know those models that have their bodies painted to look like clothes? Well that's how these tights look on Candice. Every curve is shown off. You can also see her rather spectacular thigh gap. She was also sporting a shirt that had no sides to it which allowed us a nice view of her sports bra. Candice has an amazing set of South African funbags. I do love the look of a woman wearing a sports bra. Sure, it's not as sexy as lacey lingerie but it makes me think of sweaty women fresh from a workout. That's hot, yo.

I can tell by the pics that she was in the lower East Side. This surprises me because I didn't know there was a gym over there. I thought it was just hipster restaurants and dudes doing heroin.

Brazil Lost World Cup Because Of Mick Jagger

This week Brazil got its ass handed to them in a World Cup match by Germany. It was the worst defeat in World Cup history. Critics have studied how Brazil's defense could have collapsed so completely. But the Brazilians know the truth. They lost because of a hex put on them by Mick Jagger. Yes, the lead singer for the Rolling Stones. It all started during the last World Cup in 2010 when every team Mick came out for lost big time. The Brazilians became convinced that the crusty old rock star was a jinx. This year Jagger continued his sucky picks by picking Italy and England over Uruguay, (both lost). But it was when he predicted a Brazil victory over Germany that the hex took on an epic power that took out the home team. Brazilians were not amused. As Yahoo Sports writer Brooks Peck explains,

"This was the first match Jagger attended during this World Cup and it just so happened to be one of the worst losses in the history of the sport. Clearly his powers of destruction are only growing stronger."

Who knew that Mick Jagger was a wizard? I wonder if he can do more than effect the outcome of soccer games? But I wonder if it is intentional? It was rumored in the 60's that he and Keith Richards sold their souls to the devil in exchange for fame, fortune, and eternal life. Clearly, all of that came true. But what if the Satanic side effect of the pact was that he then sucks at predicting soccer matches? Could be worse.