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Rosie Jones Topless In Lingerie Photoshoot for ZOO October 2014


Rosie Jones is one of my favorite models who likes taking off their clothes a lot. She's just friggin sexy as F. She starts off in a series of sexy lingerie numbers that accentuate those amazing funbags. She then obliges us with what we really want to see, namely her naked boobies. They seem all natural to me, but huge, just like I like 'em. Is there anything sexier than a pair big perky of naturals? I think not. She's also been gifted with a supernaturally wonderful booty. If I was a woman, I'd take a shot of her booty to the plastic surgeon and say, "make me look like that". It's such a perfectly round butt that it draws lesser derrieres into its orbit. If Rosie's booty doesn't make you jump for joy then you might need to examine your life.

Oh, sweet Rosie. Thank you for the gift of your funbags and butt. You are a true humanitarian.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Deep Cleavage at ‘Serena’ Premiere

America's sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence, showed off some DEEP cleav at the premiere of Serena at the 58th BFI London Film Festival. She wore a jacket and short skirt combo that was open almost all the way down to her belly button. This allowed us all a nice view of her lovely Katniss Everdeens. I mean, of course, those amazing funbags that hackers went to so much trouble to show us all a few months back. They are seriously incredible ta-tas. Sure, she's a good actress but those sweater puppies have made her a star. I wonder if you see any more of them in this Serena movie? Unfortunately, she's always covered up in those Hunger Games movies because she's trying to survive in a forest or whatever. That's why I liked American Hustle. That movie was all about J-Law's cleavage.

I have a big thing for J-Law. I'm a sucker for America's sweethearts with big boobies.

Behold The Creepy Wasco Clown


A creepy ass clown has been haunting the towns of Wasco, Bakersfield, and Delano California. He's been showing up random places with balloons and other clown stuff. He doesn't really DO anything. He just stands there...but it's the way he just stands there that is unsettling. As if he's watching you, taking you, looking for a weakness. We all know that clowns are cannibalistic demons sent from hell to drag poor souls down into the bowels of hell. That or they are homeless drunk pedophiles. Or both. If I was a citizen of Wasco or Bakersfield, I'd start carrying a gun with rubber shoe piercing bullets. My rule has always been to shoot as soon as you see the white of their pancake makeup. It could save your life.

Alexis Ren Is Red Hot In Lookbook Collection 2014

The always sultry Alexis Ren was smoking up the page of the Lookbook collection. She wore a variety of different outfits showing off her redonkulous body as much as the clothes. One running theme throughout the pictures is Alexis' bare-midriff. It is a thing of beauty. It's all toned and tight. You could bounce quarters off of those abs but that would be a poor use of both her stomach and a quarter. Alexis looks like a fun girl that's just a little bit of trouble. Like, she'd keep you on your toes and make you work for it but that would only make you want it more. This is all conjecture, of course. I just get that vibe off of her. I also get a view of a bit of sideboob in a couple of these pictures. And that, my friends, is what makes life worth living.

I am not a fashion oriented person by any stretch but I do like looking at fashion models wearing skimpy clothes. I guess I'm a minimalist fashionista. The less clothes, the better.

Rachel Hilbert Bikinis For Victoria’s Secret In Miami

Professional hot person Rachel Hilbert bikinied her little heart out for Victoria's Secret in Miami Beach. She wore a variety of spicy numbers that showed off what her mama gave her. My personal favorite is the one with the leopard top and pink bottoms. They go a long way in showing off that amazing booty and boobie combo. Rachel is one of those hot girl next door types, if you live next door to an obscenely good-looking family. My neighbors don't look like that. They look more like Abe Vigoda. But I digress. Rachel's got that coquettish vibe going that's oh so naughty. I look forward to ogling her when this Victoria's Secret catalog comes to the house. Luckily, I am home for a few hours by myself with the mail before my wife gets home.

That's Jack's me time.

Miley Cyrus Sunbathes Topless On A Hotel Balcony In Sydney


The ever provocative Miley Cyrus decided to let her funbags out for some air on a hotel balcony in Sydney, Australia. The sexy pixie whipped off her top in full view of the paps so that they could get some nice clear shots of her lady plums. Say what you want about about Miley, she knows how to give her fans what they want to see. I've always thought Miley had a delightful rack. They are just so darn pert and fun. They are the kind of boobies you want to go out on the town with and do shots until the wee hours. Miley was also wearing a pair of short shorts, because Miley hates clothes, and her splendid little tight booty peek-a-booed out of the bottom of them.

The butt that launched a million twerks is extraordinary. If they gave out a Nobel Prize for achievements in booty, Miley would surely win for what she's done to advance that field.

Andreea Diaconu Shows Off Her Bikini Body In Maui

Romanian model and girl of my dreams Andreea Diaconu was sexy as F in a black bikini in Maui. The bikini looked like some kind of hybrid between a bathing suit and black bondage gear. While normally this wouldn't do anything for me, it really works well to get the old juices flowing. Andreea has got herself a perfect pair of ta-tas. The kind you want to frame and put on the wall of your office so you can admire them all day. I don't know much about Romania, other than their problems with Draculas, but I do know that every time I see a model from there they are always extraordinarily beautiful. Andreea has got some dead sexy eyes that only enhance the fact that she has a butt that does not quit.

It must be nice to live in Maui where women dress in bikinis year round. Boobs, nice weather, and coconuts? That's why it's paradise.