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Rachael Finch Nipple Pokes For Speedo Shoot In Sydney

Sexy Aussie Rachael Finch was looking hot as hell even as she appeared to be cold during a photo shoot for Speedo in Sydney. Rachael was wearing a tight little number that showed off her tight bare mid-riff. The top was very form fitting and the outline of Rachael's nips can clearly be seen. I do so love a good nipple poke, don't you? It's hard to hide your nips when they are on the ends of such massive funbags. They just occupy more space than normal. It's basic boobie physics. She was also wearing a pair of teeny tiny short shorts that displayed her amazing long legs for our viewing pleasure. She's pretty tall so there is a lot of sexy leggage to go around.

Rachael is seriously hot. She looks like the kind of girl that would make you work for it but it would be all the sweeter when you got your prize.


Feel The Pain Of Taco Bell’s Sriracha Menu

I like sriracha. It's friggin' delicious and I like to put it on everything. The spicy Thai rooster sauce is extremely trendy right now and can be found pretty much everywhere that hipsters dwell. This is unfortunate because it really is an amazing hot sauce. Always with their finger on the pulse of America's gluttonous appetites, the folks at Taco Bell have come out with a sriracha inspired menu. The Sriracha Beefarito, breakfast Sriracha Scramble, and Sriracha Quesadilla are all on the menu to feed you late at night after a night of heavy drinking. I'm conflicted about this. On the one hand, I do like sriracha and think it would probably make Taco Bell's faux meat taste awesome. But I feel bad for Taco Bell's fire sauce. When I go to the Bell it is this lovely red concoction that I am most craving. It almost feels like they are cheating on the fire sauce with sriracha.

Also, not to be gross, but I imagine that this seems like a better idea the night before than it does the next day. The flaming diarrhea will be epic and will leave you unable to sit for a week. I will try these delectable treats and report back. Wish me luck.

Cameron Diaz Hot In Marie Claire And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Cameron Diaz is all kinds of busty in Marie Claire Magazine. (Popoholic)

But let me tell you about Amber Rose's considerable booty. (Huffington Post)

Cameron Russell is sexy as F in this spread for Vogue Mexico. (Drunken Stepfather)

Thank Gawd for Joanna Krupa's funbags in these tiny swimsuits. (Hollywood Tuna)

Britney Spears looks sweaty and sexy coming from the gym. (The Superficial)

Do you want to see video of girls trying out for the LA King's Ice Girls? (COED)

MMA fighter Veronica Macedo is hot...but DO NOT mess with her. (Busted Coverage)

Paris Hilton Leggy In Black Stockings While Shopping In LA

Hall of Fame hottie Paris Hilton was spotted looking leggy as F while on a shopping trip in LA. Paris and her little fuzzball dog were seen strutting around the shopping centers of Los Angeles in a very sexy pair of black stockings, (Paris not the dog). Say what you want about Paris Hilton, she's got some dynamite legs. They are probably her best feature, I would say. They are long and lean and oh so satisfying. Luckily she also almost always has them prominently displayed. I've been a fan of Paris Hilton's legs for over fifteen years. I can remember writing about how hot they were in my dream journal back in college. Yes, I had a dream journal in college but it was only about girls that I thought were really hot but I stood no chance of ever talking to. That and unicorns.

I've always envied the life of Paris Hilton's dogs. I bet they get fed really well and they get to be carried around next to her boobies all day and see her change her clothes. Oh, to be one day reincarnated as the pocket dog of a hot rich woman.

Kylie Minogue Flashes Her Black Underwear on Tour in Madrid

The always sexy Kylie Minogue gave her audience a peek at her black panties at a show in Madrid. Kylie likes to wear incredibly short skirts when she's performing, (and when she's not too). She then dances around a lot during her shows. It doesn't take a genius to calculate the probability of seeing a flash of some underwear is about 100%. Then again, that's probably the point. Kylie still looks amazing for someone who has been a hotness staple for over 20 years. I remember ogling her in scantily clad outfits in the early 90's. Most people who were around back then aren't so attractive these days. But Kylie is. I imagine that there will be many more years of Kylie flashing people her underwear in our future.

Those people in the crowd better have appreciated Kylie baring her undercarriage to them. Not bad for the price of admission.

Michelle Lewin Bikinis On The Beach in Miami

Famous hot person Michelle Lewin strutted her considerable stuff in a tiny blue bikini on Miami Beach. Michelle has some big ol' boobieballs. Like, the kind that might give you carpal tunnel syndrome if you handle them too much. The poor bikini top is stretched to its limits trying to manage those behemoths. But to no avail. They are popping out all over. The bottoms also are having a hard time keeping her wonderfully large and shapely booty in. Lucky for us, her butt is almost all out for our viewing pleasure. She's in incredible shape, as you can see from her tight stomach. Her abs are ridiculous. But my favorite part of Michelle is the sea of freckles that adorn her chest.

I have a thing for freckly girls. It probably has to do with my first lady sex partner who was covered in them. I try not to reflect too much on it.

Penny L Red Hot Topless Bedroom Photoshoot


Steamy ginger Penny L bared her lovely jugs in this topless bedroom shoot. She starts off in a red lingerie set, which you would think wouldn't look good with her hair, but it does. Oh, boy it does. Her top then disappears and she gives us all a view of her ginormous funbags. She's got those bright pink nipples that often come with those of the ginger clan. They are, for lack of a better adjective, pencil eraser-like. I know I'd like them to rub me out, you know? Then her bottom falls off and we see her lady mons and the red landing strip that leads to the garden of Earthly delights. Penny looks like the kind of girl who would rock your world at night and then make a mean Denver omelet in the morning. She just seems like the type.

I do love a woman in a garter belt. I don't know why. It's a pretty useless clothing item in view of modern elastic technology. But a woman with stockings held up by a garter belt is hella sexy.