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Jack Tomas is a writer, filmmaker, and editor working in New York. He's originally from Houston, TX where he earned a BA in Theater and Communication from The University of St. Thomas. Later, he received an MA in Media Studies at The New School. Jack has worked several years as a professional filmmaker and his films have appeared in several film festivals including the Cannes Film Festival, The LA Comedy Shorts Festival, and The New York Independent Film Festival. He has also worked as a professional blogger since 2009 writing for Guanabee.com, Tuvez.com, Egotastic.com, and WWTDD.com . He lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn with his wife and two cats.

Kat Torres Booty Cheeks In A Thong While In Malibu

The delectable taste treat known as Kat Torres showed off her copious assets in this thonglicious photo spread for 138 Water. Kat is the real deal hot, my friends. She was created in a South American lab somewhere by a mad sexy scientist because she is too damn perfect to have just happened the natural way. Her boobage is just right, a perfect set of fleshy orbs that I for one would very much like to motorboat. But these pics largely feature her other most famous attribute: dat butt. The curve of it is perfection. I want to make a bronze impression of it and put it over mantle so that I can admire Kat’s booty every night. I’m sure my wife would be down. Everyone appreciates a nice booty.

I want to get a job working for 138 Water’s marketing department. All they do is take pictures of hot chicks and drink flavored water. That sounds like the American dream to me.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Isabella Farrell Gets Nekkid And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Isabella Farrell bares it all for Cameron Davis. (Drunken Stepfather)

What kind of boobs are best? Huge ones, of course! (The Chive)

Amber Rose‘s booty should have its own Instagram account. (TMZ)

Bahati Prinsloo had a nip slip at an Oscar party. (WWTDD)

Ex-Disney star Christy Romano loses a bet and does her best 50 Shades of Grey. (Huffington Post)

Victoria’s Secret model Taylor Hill bikinis just for you. (Hollywood Tuna)

Jennifer Lopez is super leggy in a SHORT dress. (Popoholic)

Elsa From “Frozen” Gets Arrested

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You know what sucks? Winter. Where I am in New York City it is currently 9 degrees. 9 effing degrees, y’all. If only there were a single person that you could blame for all of this ball freezing cold. There is. The police in Harlan Kentucky arrested Queen Elsa of Arendelle for making everything…well…frozen. The police sent out an APB that read,

“Suspect is a blonde female last seen wearing a long blue dress and is known to burst into song ‘Let it Go!’ As you can see by the weather she is very dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend her alone.”

It’s a sad day when we start using police resources to arrest cartoon ice queens. I mean, why arrest them? Just friggin’ shoot them in the face and we won’t have to deal with winter ever again. Cops need to think things through.


Kate Hudson Booty Shorts For Shape Magazine

Famous hot person Kate Hudson was looking particularly striking in a pair of short shorts for Shape Magazine. And speaking of shape, she’s in incredible…er…shape. Her legs are long, lean, and nicely shaped. I wouldn’t mind having those bad boys wrapped around me on a cold evening. But what’s really redonkulous in her abdomen. She’s got a full on six pack and is seriously cut at the hips. I’m always impressed by anyone, especially a woman, who can manage a six pack, (as opposed to my 24 pack). She must work out all the time to keep it tight and may I say that I for one appreciate it. I would give her the most exciting three minutes of her life.

But I digress.  She looks a lot like her mom Goldie Hawn. Have you ever seen young Goldie on Laugh-In reruns in that bikini? I would sock it to her.

Photo Credit: Shape Magazine

Kerrie McMahon Shows Off Her Booty On The Beach In A Bikini While In Malibu

The lovely Kerrie McMahon brought her A games to this shoot for storied water brand and purveyors in pictures of hot chicks 138 Water. She wore a tiny bikini that showed off her ample assets. Kerrie has a fairly spectacular rack which looks hindered by that mean ‘ol fabric and I think want to be free. But the real news is how her booty looks in these pics. Look at it, I mean really look at it. Study it and burn it into your memory for it is one of the great butts of our age. Normal women are not that firm and fully packed, my friends. It is only in the rarefied world of professional hot people that you  find booties of this magnitude.

But alas I do not move in those circles. I live in the rarefied world of guys who sit around writing about professional hot people. But a boy can dream…

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Awesomely Horrible Netflix Instant Films: “The Possession”

Natasha Calis stars as ‘Em’ in THE POSSESSION.  Photo credit: Diyah Pera
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Most movies that deal with demonic possession have a Catholic perspective. The archetype set up by The Exorcist has a priest, usually a Jesuit, come to expel whatever demon is possessing the afflicted. But the Catholics aren’t the only ones that have exorcism rituals. In Judaism there is also a tradition of expelling evil spirits and dybbuks (disembodied souls) from people. That’s why my little Jewish heart was excited when I heard about The Possession. Finally there was a demonic possession movie in which Jewish mythology and wacky exorcism rituals were utilized. Little did I know that it was going to be an over-the-top goofest starring Hasidic rapper Matisyahu.

The Possession tells the tale about a little girl named Em who unwittingly becomes the vessel of a dybbuk. Her dad buys her a weird wooden box with Hebrew letters on it at a garage sale because what little girl doesn’t want a creepy box. She opens it and finds a bunch of weird crap inside. This releases the dybbuk that begins to talk to her. She becomes obsessed with the box and takes it everywhere with her. She starts manifesting all kinds of weird behavior and attracts lots of bugs. Basically the same thing that happens when you leave a danish out too long. Her parents figure out that the box contains an evil spirit and they go to one of the Hasidic parts of Brooklyn for help. That’s when they meet Matisyahu who agrees to perform the exorcism. He shows up and starts doing his Jewish praying and eventually forces the demon back in its box. It all looks like it ends happily until the box causes Matisyahu to die in a car accident leaving it to be collected by someone else. Dum! Dum! Dum!

The problem with The Possession is that it’s trying to be so earnest and serious that it comes off as goofy. The moody tone that worked so well in The Exorcist just slows down the pace of the movie. For the most part it’s kinda boring in the middle as the girl is SLOOOOWWWWLLLY possessed. By the half hour mark in most possession movies the victim is making things fly with demonic magic and stabbing their vaginas with a crucifix. And why on Earth would you cast Matisyahu? I’m a fan of his music but he’s not an actor. He comes off as stiff and like he’s reading his lines off cue cards. Still, the movie is worth a watch if for nothing else than the change of religious imagery in a possession flick.


Sporty Girls in Locker Rooms And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Hot girls. Sports bras. Must see. (The Chive)

Tory Lane broadcasts her nekkid boobage on Instagram. (WWTDD)

Irina Shayk barely wears clothes to an Oscar party. (TMZ)

Beyonce wears a TIGHT dress to the Vanity Fair Oscar party. (Huffington Post)

Gigi Hadid in a bra because she’s awesome. (Drunken Stepfather)

Cindy Mello in lingerie will melt your friggin eyeballs. (Popoholic)