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Jack Tomas is a writer, filmmaker, and editor working in New York. He's originally from Houston, TX where he earned a BA in Theater and Communication from The University of St. Thomas. Later, he received an MA in Media Studies at The New School. Jack has worked several years as a professional filmmaker and his films have appeared in several film festivals including the Cannes Film Festival, The LA Comedy Shorts Festival, and The New York Independent Film Festival. He has also worked as a professional blogger since 2009 writing for Guanabee.com, Tuvez.com, Egotastic.com, and WWTDD.com . He lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn with his wife and two cats.

Sara Sampaio Is Cleavtacular And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Sara Sampaio was looking cleavtastic at the Age of Adeline premiere. (Hollywood Tuna)

Got a case of the Mondays? Cheer up with these thigh gap pics. (The Chive)

Mariah Carey goes splashy splashy in a bikini that can barely contain her boobs. (TMZ)

Blake Lively wore a red see-through lace dress and it was good. (Huffington Post)

Rummer Willis looks cold and has a serious case of cameltoe. (Drunken Stepfather)

Amber Heard is chesty as F at the Tribeca Film Festival. (Popoholic)

Abigail Ratchford uses her hands as a bra. That is all. (The Superficial)

Matthew McConaughey Watches The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

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I have to say that the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens looks pretty amazing. I’m trying to couch my expectations by reminding myself of how awesome The Phantom Menace trailer looked when I first saw it and we saw how that turned out. Still, f you didn’t feel a flutter in your heart and a lump in your throat when Han and Chewie appeared on screen then you are dead inside. Though I admit that I am not as emotional as Matthew McConaughey. I mean, no one is. His movie roles are so overwrought that you wonder if he needs to be on bi-polar medications. Did you see Interstellar? It was like watching someone become unhinged for three hours.

So, some genius took footage of McConaughey being a drama queen and spliced it into the Star Wars trailer. The result is hilarity.

Katie Cassidy Takes A Dip In A Yellow Bikini

Sexy Arrow actress Katie Cassidy went for a swim in a day-glow yellow bikini. The brightness of the color in only outshone by the boobs that they are trying to conceal. Fortunately, her boobage sticks out in various places. There is some sideboob, my friends, oh yes. Not to mention the great cleavage action going on. Katie is in really great shape having to play superheros and whatnot so her mid section is nice and toned and she’s really cut on her hip as it leads to the garden of Earthly delights. Her booty is also a wonder of nature. It’s firm and fully packed and I for one wouldn’t mind spending some time with it. It looks really friendly.

I have to start watching that Arrow show if this girl is on it. Maybe her hero costume includes spandex. If there is one thing you can count on in superhero/comic movies and TV shows it’s that the women will be scantily clad.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Renata Moesia Wears A Bikini In Malibu

Brazilian hottie Renata Moesia went splashy splashy in the ocean in a tiny bikini for everyone’s favorite expensive water/purveyor of pictures of hot chicks with plastic bottles 138 Water. Renata wore a series of bikinis each one smaller than the last. She’s got a nice pair of perky boobies that are just the perfect size. They aren’t so big that they would give you carpal tunnel syndrome from handling them but not so small that you need to grope around to find them in the dark. If Goldilocks was a lesbian instead of a poridge thief, she would pick Renata’s boobs because they are just right. But let’s not forget Renata’s perfectly toned booty. It’s the kind of butt that is accompanied by its own sound effect like, “wah-pow!” or perhaps a whip cracking noise.

What is it about Brazilian women? They most have something in the water down there that makes such beautiful women that all cause a samba party in my pants.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Sizzler Is The Choice Of America

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If you are like me you grew up in the suburbs of America and your dining options were limited. It was pretty much big chain restaurants. But there was definitely a hierarchy to the chain restaurants. There were the ones you might go to on a regular night like Chili’s, one you would go on a date like the Olive Garden, and then the type of place you went on a special occasion. The Sizzler was just such a place. It was a buffet and a steakhouse in one! I used to get the surf and turf platter with a steak and crab legs because I’m klassy. Sure, later in life I tried better steaks and realized that the Sizzler isn’t all it is cracked up to be. But still, call it nostalgia but I have a special place in my heart for places like the Sizzler.

This promotional video from 1991 is amazing. It equates the many choices available to you at the Sizzler with the freedom of choice we have as Americans. It is overwrought and almost five minutes of choirs singing about the Sizzler and America. In other words, it’s amazing.

The Vanessa Hudgens Cleavage Show And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her cleavage and some sideboob backstage at The View. (Drunken Stepfather)

And speaking of cleavage here are several examples. (The Chive)

Miley Cyrus and the Willis sisters protest having to hide their nips. (WWTDD)

Selena Gomez is pretty in a pink bikini in Mexico. (TMZ)

Laverne Cox and Jordana Brewster bare it all for Allure magazine. (Huffington Post)

Miranda Kerr wears some tight jeans. I mean TIGHT. (Hollywood Tuna)

Jennifer Lopez invites you to behold her booty. (Popoholic)

Kelly Gale Bikinis For Calzedonia Swimwear

Swedish hottie Kelly Gale showed off her dynamite body for Calzedonia Swimwear and good Lord is it sexy. Kelly has a tremendous pair of funbags that are spilling out all over the bikini tops. There is plenty of cleavage and sideboob to go around. Kelly is in ridiculous shape. Just look at the muscle definition of her abdomen in the picture where she’s sporting a blue bikini. Glorious. But it’s not just her boobage and stomach that are works of art. Her booty is spectacular. I would personally like to give that thing a squeeze. But one must resist those urges. That’s how fools get arrested. My favorite is the orangey looking bikini because it shows off the most top boob. I am a big fan of top boob. If I could host my own TV show it would be called Top Boob and just be pictures and video of hot women’s top boob.

Consider this a pitch. I’m pretty sure that it could work. Both men and women enjoy a good pair of boobs. That is a fact of science, my friends.

Photo Credit: Calzedonia Beachwear