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Nicole Scherzinger Shows Cleavage In A Low Cut Top In London

Sexy lady Nicole Scherzinger was looking cleavtastic in London. She was basically wearing what amounted to a bra with a jacket open to reveal the goodies. Nicole has a pretty spectacular rack. They are not too big or too small but just right. She's the porridge Goldilocks ate only, you know, boobs. I remember watching her with delight when she would strut around in bustiers during her Pussycat Dolls days. That's back when you could just wear underwear on stage and no one would say anything about it. It was a simpler, better time. The glorified bra also showed off some of her tight bare mid-riff. Yes, please, and thank you. She's also the only reason I watch that Sing-Off show.

My hats off to any gent who has been lucky enough to handle those funbags. Whoever they are they have obviously made better life decisions than me.

Candice Swanepoel Sexy Lingerie Shoot for Victoria’s Secret October 2014

The ultra-sexy Candice Swanepoel just made my week with her spread in the latest Victoria's Secret catalog. Sweet mother of crap these pictures are hot! Candice models a series of provocative bits of underpants for your viewing pleasure. I know these are meant to get you to buy them but I highly doubt your girl will look like Candice in these bustiers and bras. My personal favorite is the white lacey thing that shows off some series cleav. Personally, I like a girl in lacey stuff. Some guys go for the leathery whatnots and some enjoy simple cotton underpants from Walmart. Give me a girl in a black lace bra and panties and you will find me a happy camper. Especially if I am ogling someone as sexy as Candice.

I will wait by the mailbox for my Victoria's Secret catalog to arrive. I'm old school and enjoy the print to the computer pics.

Worst Places To Be During The Zombocalypse

It is a fact that the zombocalypse is coming. Sorry, but it's true. The Walking Dead is practically a prophetic documentary. But some places will be safe than others when avoiding the undead. Real estate website Trulia calculated where are the worse places to be when the zombocalypse happens. It's not surprising that the biggest cities will be the worst hit. The more densely populated the worse it will be. The #1 worst place to be in Honolulu because of the dense population and horrible traffic. Where I live, in New York City, will be the second worse hit. That's not a surprise either. A zombie gets on with you on the 6 train and you will be eating brains within the hour. The best you can hope for is that you are visiting the countryside when the virus hits.

The truth is that there is nothing you can really do about it. Eventually, the zombies will kill 100% of the population. All you can hope for is to survive a little while. As for me, I'll just let them turn my into a zombie. I don't want to live in some kid of post-apocalyptic craphole. Let me die in peace until I rot from shuffling around looking for delicious brains.

Alessandra Ambrosio Bikinis It Up And Other Fine Things To Ogle

I never get tired of looking at Alessandra Ambrosio in a bikini. (Popoholic)

Sexy Tina Knowles rubs her butt against Jamie Foxx during a concert. (TMZ)

Daniela Giraldo is sexy as F for Mai Petit magazine. (Drunken Stepfather)

Another day, another Sofia Vergara cleavage show. (Hollywood Tuna)

Tori Spelling may be pregnant but she's still a hottie. (The Superficial)

Mariah Carrey shows off some leg in Shanghai. (Dlisted)

Jennifer Lawrence is seriously sexy in an Oscar De La Renta dress. (Huffington Post)

“Mike Tyson Mysteries” Might Be The Best Show Ever

That's Riderkuloos

Who is the greatest entertainer of all time? Elvis? Sinatra? No, it's Mike Tyson. He can hit people really hard, he can do a one man show on Broadway, or "act" in movies. Mostly as himself but whatever. Adult Swim decided to capitalize on his irresistible charm by creating Mike Tyson Mysteries. The show revolves around Iron Mike solving crimes and spooky goings-on with a ragtag team. They include the ghost of the Marquess of Queensbury, (who invented the modern rules of boxing), a wisecracking pigeon, and his Asian adopted daughter. It's drawn in the style of Scooby Doo or other 60's-70's era Hanna-Barbera cartoons. I am not only going to watch this show, I'm going to make it the epicenter of my entire life's schedule.

Finally, Adult Swim puts on a show that you can enjoy without being completely and totally high as F. Watch an additional trailer here.

Natalie Gal Flaunts Her Body At The Pumpkin Patch

Redonkulously hot person Natalie Gal showed off her ripe gourds at the Pumpkin Patch in LA. She was there to pick up some pumpkins presumably to carve for the Halloween. She took the opportunity to do some provocative sexy posing for the cameras. She was wearing a tight pair of pants that looked like they were painted on and a crop top which displayed her lovely bare mid-riff for everyone's viewing pleasure. She then used a couple of pumpkins as standins for her funbags. Halloweentime truly is a magical time of year when women dress scantily clad and behave in goofy/sexy ways. Natalie makes my Great Pumpkin want to come to her patch, if you get my meaning.

Yes, I did just make a Peanuts sexual double entendre. I'm that good.

Kim Kardashian’s Booty In Cutoff Denim Shorts In LA

Kim Kardashian wore an outfit on a Taco Bell date with Kanye West that showed off all of her best assets. First, she was sporting a pair of cut-off shorts that accentuated that legendary booty. Seriously, in the history of booties going back to the beginning of time has there been a greater butt than that of Kim K? I think not. Then she wore a sweater that had its entire back missing to further show off her amazing curves. Of course, she also forgot to wear a bra and she was nipping fiercely through the sweater's front.

Usually, when I go to Taco Bell I am just wearing sweatpants and an old Legend of Zelda t-shirt. Leave it to Kim to make even a run for the border an opportunity to sexy it up. Kanye got a Beefarito with fire sauce and his hotty wife on the side.