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Jack Tomas is a writer, filmmaker, and editor working in New York. He's originally from Houston, TX where he earned a BA in Theater and Communication from The University of St. Thomas. Later, he received an MA in Media Studies at The New School. Jack has worked several years as a professional filmmaker and his films have appeared in several film festivals including the Cannes Film Festival, The LA Comedy Shorts Festival, and The New York Independent Film Festival. He has also worked as a professional blogger since 2009 writing for Guanabee.com, Tuvez.com, Egotastic.com, and WWTDD.com . He lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn with his wife and two cats.

Giant Inflatable My Little Pony Sex Doll?

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The last few years has seen the rise of the subculture known as Bronies, grown ass men who are obsessed to My Little Pony. I remember when I was a kid an My Little Pony was first popular that my cousins and I would steal girl’s tiny pink horses and melt them on the bar-b-q grill. But I guess the men of today are different and they see something sexually appealing in cartoon horses. The only problem is…well…not the only problem, but one of the problems is that it is hard to make sweet love to those little dolls. That’s where the Chinese genius for sex dolls come in. Without the help or permission of Hasbro, the makers of My Little Pony, they made a 5f 9in sexy inflatable My Little Pony doll for the explicit purpose of being used for sick sex.

Now, I try not to judge people for their sexual proclivities. As long as it is between two consenting adults and no one gets hurt it’s OK…I mean…OKish at least.

Charlotte McKinney Magnificent Mammaries And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Charlotte McKinney bouncing big bikini funbags for Carl’s Jr. (WWTDD)

But wait, Charlotte McKinney will not be getting nekkid! What?? (FoxNews)

Abigail Ratchford is the model of boobtacular at the Manny premiere. (The Superficial)

Kim Kardashian is the queen of the sexy selfie. (TMZ)

Britney Spears goes for a bikini swim and it is amazing. (Huffington Post)

Miley Cyrus shows off her cleavage because it’s Thursday. (Drunken Stepfather)

Adriana Lima‘s body in a skintight suit is redonkulously hot. (Popoholic)

Paulina Gretzky goes from regular hot chick to superMILF. (COED)

Lea Michele Is Chesty As She Arrives To Jimmy Kimmel Live

Glee star Lea Michele arrived for her guest spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live looking chesty as F in a white tank top. Lea has a really nice pair that I’ve been a fan of for many years, ever since I saw them out live and in person on the Broadway stage. Since then I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the countless bikini pics and her many displays of cleav. She knows what her audience wants and it’s to see her chest puppies in all their glory. And I guess to hear her sing too. I bet she belts out some serious noise during sexy time in the bedroom. She’s got a set of pipes on her, after all. Why not use them?

I wonder what she’s going to do now that Glee is finishing? Probably go back to being partially nude on Broadway. Good thing I get discount tickets.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Gwyneth Paltrow And Olivia Munn Look Busty At “Mortdecai” Premiere

Olivia Munn and Gwyneth Paltrow were both on hand at the premiere of the new Johnny Depp movie Mortdecai and they brought their boobage with them. Olivia was wearing a see-through black dress that showed off all the cleav. Olivia has got a nice bouncy pair that always make my day. She is so hot, y’all. I remember first spotting her on The Daily Show and thinking that there was a girl with some talent. And boobs, lots of boobs. Not to be outdone, Ms. Paltrow wore a blue dress with open vents on the side and, whoopsie, she forgot to wear a bra. The result is a nice view of her pert perkies’ sideboob. I’ve been a fan of those ta-tas ever since I saw them in Shakespeare in Love back in the day. Yeah, I saw Shakespeare in Love. A man has to take his girl to see the occasional chick flick, doesn’t he?

But what I do know is if they are in this Mortdecai movie I’m going to definitely check that out even though Johnny Depp kinda gets on my last nerve.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash

Nina Agdal Lingerie Awesomeness And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Nina Agdal shows off her ample boobage in these lingerie pics. (Drunken Stepfather)

Kim Kardashian in a fur bikini. That is all. (WWTDD)

Shahs of Sunset star Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi has some big ol’ funbags, y’all. (TMZ)

Miley Cyrus wears a red bikini with boy toy Patrick Schwarzenegger. (Huffington Post)

Community star Gillian Jacobs is super leggy. (Popoholic)

Demi Lovato has a panty flash coming out of a car. (The Superficial)

Charlotte McKinney‘s hot body and Carl’s Junior is a match made in my pants. (COED)

Amber Rose Wears A Tiny Pink Thong Bikini While Jet Skiing In Miami

Singer and tiny bikini enthusiast Amber Rose rode around on a jet ski in what can only be described as a couple of handkerchiefs worth of fabric. Amber is a kind and giving soul which is why she likes to show us all her amazing funbags and luscious booty. Her boobage is spectacular. They are the kind of ta-tas that could give a man carpal tunnel syndrome from handling them but it would totally be worth it. But it is perhaps Amber’s massive, beautiful booty that is most exciting. I know that it certainly gets my attention. I like a woman with some meat in her seat, if you get my meaning. My grandfather always told me that you can’t trust a woman with a flat ass. Those are words that I live by.

I do imagine she got quite the wedgie from riding a jet ski in that thong. But once again, that’s her suffering for our viewing pleasure. What a gal.

Photo Credit: INF

Iggy Azalea Shows Off Booty in Short Shorts In LA

Pop princess Iggy Azalea appears to be in a hurry in these pictures but she did take the time to give us a nice glimpse at her thumper. I don’t need to tell you, but I will because it’s my job and I like to talk about butts, that Iggy Azalea has a unique and beautiful booty. It ranks among the two or three greatest derrieres on God’s green Earth. She knows it too which is why she wears things like short shorts and has a song called…well…Booty. I was unaware until Iggy came along that butts like that existed in Australia. I just assumed that everyone there had flat English backsides. They are lovely people the English but they aren’t exactly known for having big cabooses. But Iggy’s butt is there to teach me that I should not prejudge, especially when it comes to such an important subject.

So, run Iggy, run free. Just keep wearing shorts where we can kinda see the bottom of your butt cheeks.

Photo Credit: INF