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Spiderman Punches A Cop

Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman?

Times are tough in New York City, even for Spiderman. But that's no excuse to go punching cops. For like the 80 millionth time this year, one of the costumed weirdos that harass tourists in Times Square got into a fight with passersby. Apparently, it all started when Spiderman wanted $5 instead of $1 from some lady for taking her picture with him. This is what Spiderman is reduced to doing for money. Times are tough, like I said. That's when Spiderman started roughing the woman up. The cops came over to arrest him and then he decked one of the cops. So, he went from disorderly conduct to assaulting a police officer. That's a felony in case you were keeping score.

I think the worst part is that Spiderman is setting a bad example for kids with all of his shenanigans. What kind of world are we living in?

Natasha Henstridge Is Still Boobylicious In Hawaii

Natasha Henstridge showed off those legendary knockers in a green bikini in Hawaii. The actress and former model wore a bikini that was trying as hard as it could to contain her gargantuan funbags. It failed. Natasha is busting out all over the place. There is sideboob, underboob, and lots of cleavage. Those things are magnificent. Plaster molds of them belong in the booby hall of fame. Yes, I know there is no such thing as a booby hall of fame but I'm going to start a Kickstarter campaign to start one. I also quite enjoy Natasha's curvy thighs and hips. I like a woman with some curves, which is why I always liked Natasha back in the day.

I remember going to see Species in the theaters with my friends when we were in high school. After the movie was over, we had to sit for a while. You know, so things could calm down before we could leave.

Toni Garrn In A Black Bikini On A Yacht in Ibiza

German model and Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend Toni Garrn was spotted on a yacht in Ibiza looking hot as F. She was sporting a very tiny black bikini. Toni is slim but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a nice set of ta-tas. Judging by the cleavage in these pics, and my expertise in the boob sciences, I would say she's got a solid B cup. The rest of her body is outstanding. Her bare stomach and long legs are exemplary examples of German engineering. She's also got a nice pert and petite booty. It's not a Kardashianesque biggun' but it's just curvy enough. My grandfather told me when I was a lad that you can't trust a woman with a flat butt. They're unhappy and hiding something. Words to live by.

I've always envied Leonardo DiCaprio's ability to bag the hottest models on the planet. I mean, this guy has bedded them all. I guess it helps if you are an A-list star, good-looking, and a multimillionaire that can take them on yacht vacations in Ibiza.

Xisca Perello White Hot Bikini On A Yacht In Ibiza

Hottie McHottipants Xisca Perello took some time out from being professionally hot to look sexy on a boat in Ibiza. She was there with her tennis player boyfriend Rafael Nadal. Xisca was sporting a white bikini which, when a little wet, becomes semitransparent. And lucky for us she was pouring water on herself the whole time. Xisca is in ridiculously good shape as you can tell by the cut of her hips. She's got quite a nice pair of ta-tas and they look even better in a bikini. Xisca's booty is also pretty spectacular. I particularly enjoy the picture of her moistened booty.

I remember the first time I saw her at one of Nadal's tennis matches and thinking, "Please Lord, let her wear a bikini in front of some cameramen so that I may feast mine eyes upon her yum yums". It seems that my prayers were answered, hallelujah!

On Leo DiCaprio’s Chub

Leonardo DiCaprio hasn't been looking like himself lately. In fact, he's been looking kinda...thick. Not like needs to ride a Rascal scooter because his legs can't hold him up fat, but definitely chubby for him. A lot of people in the press have been giving him flack because he no longer looks like Jack from friggin' Titanic. Well, friends, that was twenty years ago and Leo is entering that age where keeping off the weight gets harder. But really, is it such a big deal that our biggest movie star puts on a few pounds? After all, we are all getting fatter in America. Exponentially so. It only makes sense that our actors no longer look like either bodybuilders or skinny waifs. I look forward to the day when Leo keeps his shirt on throughout a whole movie because he's ashamed of his moobies. This is America dammit and that's how I feel about going shirtless.

They say that we want to see ourselves on the big screen and I for one agree. So, let the man eat some cheeseburgers and enjoy his pudge for a while.

Ann-Kathrin Brommel Takes A Mud Bath

Model and soccer player girlfriend Ann-Katherin Brommel hung out on a beach in Spain and then proceeded to take a mud bath. I'm not sure if the mud is supposed to have some kind of healing qualities or if she just wanted to roll around in the mud. What I do know is that she looks friggin' hot in that black bikini. Ann-Katherin has a pretty spectacular pair of funbags. There is some nice cleavage and sideboob action going on in these pictures. They also show off her perfectly shaped booty. The pics of her all muddy are also pretty darn sexy. Maybe it's because in my head she's mud wrestling with some other hot soccer player's girlfriend. It would be like their own version of the World Cup except it would be far more interesting because it would be hot chicks wrestling in mud in bikinis.

Why isn't there a trophy for that?

Cara Santana Is Leggy And Barefoot With Ashley Greene In West Hollywood

The lovely Cara Santana took her dog on a barefoot walk with Ashley Greene in West Hollywood. She wore a pair of short shorts like everyone does to walk their dog. They showed off her beautiful, sexy legs. They are seriously perfect gams, as a 1940's detective might say. Ashley Greene was looking equally hot in workout gear. She was sporting a pair of super tight psychedelic workout pants that showed off every curve of her legs and lady bits area. It's definitely one of the things I love about LA that you see myriads of hot ladies always going to or coming from exercising. One of the biggest downfalls of living in New York is that girls are usually all bundled up. Thank god for temperate weather and a penchant for tight workout attire.

I can't say as I approve of her going barefoot though. Streets are filthy places. There is broken glass and dog poop everywhere, especially from chihuahuas...Beverly Hills Chihuahuas. Get it? Because she was in those movies.