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The Willis Girls Go Splishy Splashy And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Tallulah and Scout Willis take a bath together. Thank you Jesus. (Drunken Stepfather)

Ginita Lapina models some lingerie for you. Just for you. (Hollywood Tuna)

Oh, Lauren Budd you know the way to my heart. Prancing around in underwear. (Popoholic)

Sofia Vergara is the Picasso of shaking her funbags. (The Chive)

Kindly Myers has an unfortunate name but very fortunate ta-tas. (COED)

Yara Khmidan models for Love and Lemons and it is hot as F. (WWTDD)

Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea bang booties for the love of baby oil (Idolator)

I know this video is a joke of realistic Hollywood love scenes, but it's pretty hot. (College Humor)

Kaitlynn Carter Shows Off Her Legs At The Grocery Store

Brody Jenner's girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter was giving the world the leg show while grocery shopping in LA. She was sporting a pair of jean short shorts that exposed most of her legs and thighs. She's pretty tall so she's got some nice long stems with nary a dimple or blemish. I'm not sure how these women get through life without a scar or a mark on their legs. Maybe they sleep in a hyperbaric chamber. Whatever it is it's working. She also had a crop top shirt which showed some lovely bare-midriff. Kaitlynn has a nice flat stomach and should seriously consider only wearing crop top shirts from now on. She lives in LA where the weather is always nice so she can totally get away with it.

That Brody Jenner is one lucky guy. Some people have all the luck: rich, famous, hot sisters, weird dad, AND sexy girlfriend. Spread the wealth, man.

Chrissy Teigen Is White Hot In NYC

Chrissy Teigen was looking hot as F in a short white dress in New York City. Chrissy, who is a professional hot person, was sporting a dress that had slits in the back so you could see her lovely back skin. I do enjoy a woman's back. It's an oft ignored part of the woman's anatomy. Let me let you in on a little love tip from your buddy Jack, the ladies like it when you kiss their backs. Don't go straight for the boobies or the swimsuit area. Trust me, you'll get birthday favors on a Tuesday, if you get my meaning. Chrissy also has seriously sexy legs. They are long and lean and perfectly shaped. The dress was tight so you also got a nice view of Chrissy's lovely booty shape. I am also a fan of a nice round butt like she's got.

All good stuff all around. Sometimes it's what you don't see that's sexy. Other times I just want a girl in a bikini. Depends on the mood.

Thus Spoke Mega Man

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When I was a pissed off angsty teenager in the early to mid-90's I read a lot of the writings of Frederich Nietzsche. That's how big of a dork I was. My way of being rebellious was to read 19th century German Nihilist philosophy. Or is Nietzsche really a Nihilist? Some people say no others say yes. The truth is that Nietzsche is a little hard to understand...OK, it's really hard to understand. You have to have a knowledge of Hegel, Christianity, Kierkegaard, Wagner, Plato, and philology. Luckily, as president of my high school philosophy society, I did. Like I said, I was a huge friggin' dork. I was also an avid video game player and I ascribed all kinds of philosophical ideas to Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda. But I only vaguely understood what the hell I was talking about. What does a punk 17 year old upper middle class Latino kid in suburban Texas know about anything? Nothing. Hey, like Nietzsche thought eternity was like!

I wish I had had Mega Man to explain it to me like in this video. Here comes the übermench!

Lady Gaga And Her Booty Arrived At the Athens International Airport

Most people wear comfortable baggy clothes when they go to the airport. But most people aren't Lady Gaga. She wore quite the provocative/weird outfit at the Athens International Airport. It's sort of like a techno mermaid. She has a pair of metal seashells covering her supple ta-tas that are staying on by some kind of magic Gaga powers. The bottom is a see-through skirt in which you can see that amazing Gaga booty. She's in the top five of booties of all time as far as I'm concerned. Gaga is obviously in tremendous shape, what with all that crazy dancing and whatnot that she does, but she's still got some serious curves. She may be a big star but I know a shapely New York Italian booty when I see it and I'm looking at pictures of them right now.

I like Lady Gaga because she just doesn't give a flying F about anything. If she wants to go to wear a meat dress or go to the airport dressed like a slutty Little Mermaid she's going to do it.

Sara Malakul Lane In A See-Through Bodysuit

One of the hotter young models to come on the scene lately is Sara Malakul Lane. She is so hot that she can't stand to be fully clothed, which is a good thing. In this photoshoot Sara wore a see-through bodysuit in which you can clearly see everything. It's not one of those see-through things that's really opaque, it's pretty darn clear. Her funbags are a work of art. They should be bronzed and mounted on a pedestal in some art museum for everyone to admire. I like her because she's thin but still curvy. She's got amazing legs that are all toned and long. You can see a hint of her lady parts as well. My favorite picture is the one in which she's inserted her fingers in the bottom seam of the crotch as if she's going to reveal something, but doesn't. You flirt.

I hope to see more of Sara in the future. And by more of her I mean both that she gets more work and that she continues to show off skin.

Elmo Is Going To Do Time

Elmo has been arrested in New York City. No, I'm not talking about the guy who performed Elmo, Kevin Clash, who is  a kiddy fiddler. No, it's an Elmo in Times Square. This is just another in a long string of assaults, arrests, and harassment by beloved characters. Batman and Spiderman have been arrested as has Spongebob Squarepants. It took ten cops to take down the beloved piece of felt. This to me is a sign of how bad the economy really is. I know we're supposedly in an economic recovery, but there is something really wrong with us as a nation if Muppets and superheroes have to panhandle fat tourists from Nebraska in Times Square. Elmo must have made millions on merchandising alone. Remember Tickle Me Elmo? What happened to his fortune? Does he have a drug problem? Gambling? Prostitutes? I don't know.

I cry a tear for the death of America.