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Kaley Cuoco Wearing Tights Leaving A Yoga Class In Sherman Oaks

Actress and professional hot person Kaley Cuoco was seen wearing a pair of extra tight tights while leaving a yoga class in Sherman Oaks. I've never been a yoga practitioner myself. I'm about a flexible as a piece of metal rebar, so I don't really know how yoga works. But apparently, the main ingredient in yoga success is to wear pants that are so tight that you can see every curve and fold on your body. This is a very good thing in the case of someone like Kaley. She's got a nice booty that should be shown off in tight clothing. To not do so would surely bring about bad karma or whatever. She was also sporting a Deadhead shirt which I find funny. Most Deadhead chicks do not look like Kaley. They look more like hairier versions of Jason Segel but with breasts.

Maybe I should start going to yoga if for nothing else than to check out ladies in their Lululemons.

Kelly Brook Flashes Legs And A Little Cleavage While Pumping Gas

The lovely Kelly Brook was spotted being all cleavy while pumping gas in LA. Kelly has some of the best knockers out there right now and she enjoys showing them off. She had on a low cut shirt which displayed her funbags to the world. Just because you are out doing errands doesn't mean you should keep your boobies hidden from view. Kelly also had on a short skirt which let us get a good look at her sexy legs. Kelly is one of those girls next door kind of hot. I mean, she doesn't look like any girl I ever lived next door to. Maybe if you live in a gated community that caters to hot people. She more reminds me of the head cheerleader/homecoming queen type of girl. The kind who might say hi to you in the hallway to be nice but would never date you in a million years.

Speaking of which, Kelly is newly single, guys. So, good luck with that.

Derryn Lester Topless Shoot for Treats


The ever beautiful Derryn Lester let it all hang out in this topless photoshoot for Treats magazine. She is on a beach and can't stand to wear her bathing suit anymore. So, she takes it off and shows the camera her lovely perky boobies. She's got those pert little ta-tas with the slightly upturned nips. I always find these kinds of knockers endearing, like I want to buy them some cake before I motorboat them. She's also got quite the firm looking derriere. I would very much like to give it a playful smack, but that's how people get sent to jail. Some of the photos are in black and white to show that they are classy. I frankly don't care what color they are in as long as the girl in the pics is as hot as Derryn.

This is a good way to end the day, wouldn't you say?

Wonderfully Horrible Netflix Instant Films: The Human Centipede


There are films that are hailed as instant classics as soon as they hit theaters. Casablanca or The Godfather come to mind. But there is one movie that when it came out a few years ago made a splash of a different sort. This film's premise is so weird and disgusting that at a screening I saw, people actually threw up in the theater. I'm talking, of course, of the now classic piece of crap known as The Human Centipede. I wouldn't watch it if you've just eaten.

The movie starts out with two girls traveling through Europe whose car breaks down and they go for help at the house of the creepiest German doctor they can find. He offers to help, but roofies them instead. As the main girl starts to fall asleep they have this exchange: Girl: I'm getting sleepy... Scientist: That's because of the date rape drug. Classic. They wake up tied to hospital beds. He soon captures a Japanese tourist to make his trio. His plan is really quite simple: he's going to sew them ass to mouth to make a human centipede. He tried to do it with his dogs but it didn't work. The cops eventually arrive and kill the scientist but not before the cop is also killed. The middle girl is left to suffer as the front and rear person dies. Whoops!

This movie is not good and it is pretty hard to stomach. But if you are into grisly weird horror, then this movie is for you. You sicko.

Candice Swanepoel Bikini Photoshoot For Victoria’s Secret

The redonkulously hot Candice Swanepoel brings her talents to the page in this photoshoot for Victoria's Secret. By talents I am referring to her magnificent funbags. They are seriously exemplary. All ta-tas should aspire to be more like Candice Swanepoel's chichis. She wears a variety of different bikinis and swimsuits and she looks super sexy in all of them. Some people were born with the ability to really maximize a bikini's hotness quotient and Candice is one of those people. A particular favorite is the leopard striped one that shows off a lot of skin. Leopard print is just plain sexy. Maybe it's the jungle animal that lives somewhere deep inside us or maybe it's that leopard print stuff tends to be lowcut. Either way, it's a good thing.

I remember I used to sit in wait for the Victoria's Secret catalog to come to our house back in high school. Then I would hide it from my mom. Today I can just look at the pics online and don't have to hide them from anyone. We really are living in a magical time.

Ken And Barbie Died For Our Sins

An art show by a couple of Argentine artists has got the Vatican REALLY upset. What could they have done to piss off the seat of power of the Catholic Church? Create a Barbie Virgin of Guadalupe and Ken doll Jesus on the cross. The artists, Marianela Perelli and Pool Paolini, didn't stop at the two most important figures in Christianity. The show is called "Barbie, The plastic Religion". They created 33 dolls with religious figures of various faiths represented including Hindu gods and the Buddha. They wisely decided to stay away from the prophet Mohammed. But it is there take on the Virgin and Jesus that has most upset people. The Vatican denounced the show, like they have done with other blasphemous artworks in the past. They bring up that there is such a thing as bad taste and that it different than mere provocation.

What I don't get is that by denouncing the show and making such a big deal about it all they have done is make it more popular. Probably fifteen people would have seen the show in Buenos Aires at some gallery or whatever and that would be it. But by making such a hullabaloo there will probably be hundreds if not thousands of looky-loos that will go see the show. Personally, I just think the "art" is silly and predictable. "Ooooh, religion is fake so we are going to nail Ken to a cross, Ooooh we're so provocative." Give me a break.

Sarah Hyland, Bella Thorne, and More at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party in Beverly Hills

The Teen Vogue Hollywood Party was a veritable bevy of hot young Hollywood stars. The always lovely Sarah Hyland was there in a short dress that showed off some of her sexy mid-riff. She, (and Sofia Vergara), are the reason I watch Modern Family every week. That is one sultry show. Jillian Rose Reed was also on hand to show some deep cleavage in a pink dress. This was some grade A excellent cleavage too, none of that mid grade stuff. Maddie Hasson also came wearing a skin tight leather dress. I'm no leather fetish guy but I do enjoy a woman in tight leather clothes. Of course, there was also Bella Thorne who showed off some sexy cleavage and mid-riff in her black sequined ensemble.

I wonder what you have to do to get an invite to an event like this? I can be Anna Wintour's Devil Wears Prada slave girl if I get to go ogle these sexy young ladies in person.