The ‘Pineapple Express 2′ Trailer is Probably the Only April Fools Joke That’s Funny (VIDEO)

Pineapple Express 2
Is This the End?

As part of the viral marketing campaign for this summer’s This is the End, Seth Rogen and Co. have released a fake trailer from within the movie for a sequel to their stoner hit Pineapple Express. The plot of This is the End revolves around fictional versions of the Apatow actors shacked up together while the world is running down around them.

So it seems that while they’re waiting for the apocalypse to swallow them whole, the group gets together to goof off and make fake trailers for fake sequels to their real movies. It’s like the whole dream within a dream within a dream thing from Inception. Only with a lot more weed.

Sing-A-Long to the Autotuned ‘Game of Thrones’ Cast in Honor of its Return (VIDEO)

Game of Thrones

Well, it’s finally back. Now that Walking Dead is off the air, without Game of Thrones’ return, I’d be forced to do something awful, like read, on my Sunday evenings. Blech! The HBO show returned with a bang last night (unfortunately only of the metaphorical variety and no gratuitous sex was had) and for those of us who hadn’t read ahead in the books, we now know that giants exist and that if you’re only job is to send off some ravens, you best do it, regardless of the ice zombies you just parted company with.

And to celebrate the return of everything GoT, listen to this curiously addictive autotune remix of the show. But be warned! It is not for the weak of heart, for it contains Ned Stark, and if you’re a sentimental type, you may need to have some tissues around.

Thank God It Was Warm Out for the Underdressed Cosplaying Women of Wondercon 2013

Ah, WonderCon, that red-headed step-child of Comic Con, took place over the weekend in Anaheim, California and as expected, it brought in droves of B-class CW actors promoting their shows about vampires or superheroes or vampire superheroes. But it also brought in droves of girl cosplayers.

I was actually impressed with the costumes this year. There were some surprises. Like ‘Sexy’ Hellboy; ‘Sexy’ Sherlock Holmes; ‘Sexy’ Who the Hell Knows. Basically just a lot of ‘Sexy’-fied fanboy characters. It was like Halloween but with girls who actually watch Doctor Who and don’t pretend they’re geeky just because they own a pair of chunky black eyeglasses without prescription lenses they bought at Urban Outfitters.

We Count Up Every ‘Game of Thrones’ Season One Death For You, Because Math Sucks (VIDEO)

Blood, Blood, and More Blood!

We’ve saved you the trouble of having to use your abacus to keep track of all the gruesome, bloody deaths that occur in season one of Game of Thrones as you binge watch every episode in anticipation of the season three premiere on HBO this Sunday night. Because it’s not TV, guys. It’s not! 

Because if there’s one thing better than gratuitous nudity…it’s gratuitous violence. Luckily this is a show that offers up both. Sometimes at the exact same time, which can make things…confusing, to say the least. But as your mind tries to make up whether it should be aroused or disgusted, enjoy every single death in season one of Game of Thrones. 

UPDATED TO ADD:  Now see the Season Two Kill Counter for Game of Thrones by popular demand.

Is Lex Luthor in ‘Man of Steel’? And Is Some Guy You’ve Never Heard of Playing Him? Some People Think So

I’ve pretty much stopped trusting any news that comes out of AintItCoolNews at this point. Primarily it’s because Harry Knowles once wrote the most glowing, positive fanboy review of all time and it was for a little film called Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. And then of course the nail in the coffin was when I learned that he was in fact not related to Beyonce. But that’s why I’m taking their news of Lex Luthor appearing in Man of Steel with a grain of salt.

Not because I don’t believe Warner would drop some easter eggs of the villain in the new film (even if it was something small like his company logo), but because Knowles is suggesting the role would be substantial and would be played by Mackenzie Gray. Who is Mackenzie Gray you ask? Why he’s some actor who once played a Luther clone on Smallville. He’s also a guy whose IMDB page probably had a huge spike for the first time ever today.

Would Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. offer up such a huge role to an unknown Canadian character actor? I mean, maybe the guy blew them all away in an audition. It would be kind of cool for an little known 50-something  year old actor to suddenly appear in a movie like this, but to cast a guy who already played Luther before? I’m putting the kibosh on this ‘exclusive’ of theirs, despite whatever flimsy evidence they have, which is basically hearsay and rumor and this video where Gray confirms he’s in the movie but won’t say in what role.

Classic Kirk Returns to Battle the Gorn to Hype ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ (VIDEO)

The Gorn
Gorn on the Cob

The merchandising effort for Star Trek into Darkness is coming into full swing with the film’s release just a little over a month away. And what’s a franchise without a video game? And what’s William Shatner without a way to sell out? So why not combine the two of them in order to form a more perfect union in hawking the new (and aptly titled) Star Trek: The Video Game? 

Considering the seething bitterness Shatner seems to have for Trek resurrector/director JJ Abrams, I’m actually surprised he agreed to recreate one of his most famous awful scenes for a video game that he’s not even in. But then I remembered that he’s soulless and clings to the franchise so tightly it’s almost as if he had the Gorn’s claws himself.

But, it’s still fun to watch him play out the scene of Kirk vs. the Gorn. Maybe for the next commercial he can finally get the budget he wanted to fight the rock people at the end of Final Frontier.

Jim Carrey Tries to Make You Forget His Movie Bombed by Going Viral (VIDEO)

Jim Carrey
Cold. Dead. Hands.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone was a huge, epic flop. How on earth is that possible? Probably because it looked awful. No one likes magicians. And the joke of mocking a David Blaine-type magician is probably outdated by at least five years. So either while out promoting it, or trying to erase it from people’s memories, Jim Carrey did something he hasn’t done in a long, long time. He tried to be genuinely amusing.

And he did this by doing a Funny or Die video mocking an old episode of Hee Haw, gun enthusiasts, country western music and Charlton Heston all at the same time. I guess some people are pissed by this video because they think it he’s being disrespectful to gun owners and they’re trying to make it into a controversy. But they’re forgetting that Jim Carrey hasn’t been controversial since he agreed to do a movie called Mr. Popper’s Penguins alongside cgi birds.