Judd Apatow Will Have to Hold New Auditions for Casts Based On This ‘This is the End’ Clip (VIDEO)

This is the End
The Beginning of the End

This is the End is like a who’s who of comedians, and how fortunate for all of us that they were all at the exact same party when the apocalypse began to rain down upon the Hollywood Hills, as being stuck together means they’ll probably spend the entire movie trading one-liners, quips and marijuana or fat jokes at Seth Rogen’s expense. And the newly released clip from this weekend’s MTV Movie Awards proves that not only are these guys funny in the face of death, they also hate James Franco’s pad.

After a series of cataclysmic events ravage Los Angeles, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson must face the true meaning of friendship and redemption as the world ends around them.

This is the End opens June 14th.

It Took Longer to Get a Poster for the ‘District 9′ Follow-Up Than the Trip to the Alien Home Planet

Near the end of District 9, Christopher tells a transformed Wikus that it will take three years for him to return to his alien home planet and come back with a cure to turn him human again. That was in 2009, now in 2013, Neil Blomkamp’s finally has a new movie, starring Matt Damon as a steel-aided strongman in a dystopian world in Elysium. There has been hardly any images leaked from the shoot until recently. The first teaser trailer is expected to hit this week and we finally have the first one-sheet poster for the film. And the verdict is…pretty badass.

In the year 2159, two classes of people exist: the very wealthy, who live on a pristine man-made space station that is disguised as a massive floating city called Elysium, and the rest, who live on an overpopulated, ruined Earth. The people of Earth are desperate to escape the planet’s crime and poverty, and they critically need the state-of-the-art medical care available on Elysium – but some in Elysium will stop at nothing to enforce anti-immigration laws and preserve their citizens’ luxurious lifestyle. The only man with the chance to bring equality to these worlds is Max Coburn (Matt Damon), a 29 year-old ordinary guy in desperate need to get to Elysium. With his life hanging in the balance, he reluctantly takes on a dangerous mission – one that pits him against Elysium’s mayor, Secretary Jessica Delacourt (Jodie Foster) and her hard-line forces – but if he succeeds, he could save not only his own life, but millions of people on Earth as well.

Elysium opens August 9th.

New ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Poster Doesn’t Look All That New

There isn’t much to say about this new Star Trek Into Darkness poster. It’s comprised mostly of images we’ve already seen from the new movie. Maybe they blew their load too early with the promotional materials as we’re still a month away from the film’s release and they’re going back to the well.

Maybe instead of aggregating and reusing images you’ve been using for close to six months already, you just come out and say that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan. Just…just friggin’ come out and say it already, JJ! 

What’s the Deal with… ‘Game of Thrones: Dark Wings, Dark Worlds’

There’s been a strange lack of nudity on Game of Thrones this season. We’re two episodes in and nary a bare breast nor arse has been on display for our viewing pleasure. And this despite the fact that both Emilia Clarke and Natalie Dormer have a strong, rich past in baring themselves on camera. In fact, the only undressing we got was from Peter Dinklage right before he was about to receive…well, I don’t even want the mental image in my head.

The one thing there’s been plenty of this season has been the fantasy element of the show. In season one there was very little otherwordly things taking place. Asides from Bran’s portentous dream omens of the raven, the show was grounded in nearly our own reality (even now I almost forgot that White Walkers were teased in the first episode) and it was only in the season finale that we got a taste of magical dragons. In season two we were teased with a morphing Jaqen H’ghar and the cloning Pyat Pree at the House of the Undying. There were big explosions thanks to Wildfire, but asides from its green vapor, it doesn’t seem all that different from actual Greek fire. 


Halle Berry’s Unborn Child is One Lucky SOB

Halle Berry has been carting that body of hers around lately to push her movie The Call, but pretty soon, according to the dream-killers at TMZ, she’s going to be pushing a baby carriage instead as the actress is about three months pregnant. The father is surprisingly not me, but actor and deadbeat dad beater Olivier Martinez. Damn those French and their smooth, smooth accents, working his way straight into her womb with those sly verb conjugations.

Some might say that having another child at 46 might seem strange. But as you can see from her picture above, she stopped aging somewhere around thirty-five. And clearly she’s got the body to supply that child with more milk than a dairy farm.

Tony Stark Gets Snarky in this Clip from ‘Iron Man 3′ (VIDEO)

Iron Man 3
Iron So Far Away

Eh, I’m not sure trash-talking an iPhone is really a way to prove how heroic you are, but that doesn’t stop Robert Downey Jr. from doing just that in this brand spanking new clip from Iron Man 3 that’s been hinted at in several of the film’s many trailers. In the clip Tony throws down some smack and tells the Mandarin to come get him, going so far as to give out his address.

Well, from pretty much every trailer out there you can pretty much guess how this tirade ends up. I hope they play up the fact that his cockiness is now putting himself and his loved ones in danger despite the fact that he’s pointed out that all he wants to do is keep Gwyneth Paltrow (aka Pepper Potts) safe. So if you’ve ever wanted to watch RDJ get emotional into an iPhone, now’s yer chance, kids.

Universal is Trying Hard Not to Make You Oblivious to ‘Oblivion’ With Four New Clips (VIDEO)

Oblivious to Oblivion

I’m still not sure about Oblivion. It’s become a little too obvious that there’s a big,major M. Night-style twist to it, and the trailers have been kind of cool at best. But I happen to always enjoy Tom Cruise. Say what you will about the guy, he always shows up with his A-game. And it’s important for sci-fi movies like Oblivion to do well at the box office because if big budget ‘thinking man’s’ sci-fi bombs, then you’re going to be stuck with Battleship 3.

Okay, so maybe you’re not a big Cruise fan (c’mon, at least Minority Report was amazing), that’s why you can still show up to see Morgan Freeman playing…er, basically playing Morgan Freeman. And if you needed any other incentive I have two words for you: Olga Kurylenko.

Oblivion opens April 19th. Check Out More Clips »