The Egotastic! Summer Blockbuster Preview Is the Only Excuse You Need to Stay Indoors All Season Long

Well, Summer is nearly upon us and you know what that means: Studios rolling out every movie you probably want to see this year (and then dumping out all the garbage they know you don’t at the very end of August). It’s a big year for sequels and franchises–but let’s be honest, every year is a big year for those as that’s pretty much the only thing out there anyway. And by our calculations you’ll be spending close to $200 on tickets for all the summer movies alone, so you better just stock up on ramen and Lean Pockets and put your spare change in a piggy bank because you’re going to need it.

So get your calendars out, renew your Fandango subscription and let’s figure out exactly how you’re going to be spending those warm summer nights.

The Original Draft of ‘Star Wars’ Gets the Comic Book Treatment. Luckily George Lucas Has Nothing to Do With It

Long has been the theory that George Lucas is actually a terrible filmmaker and that Star Wars Episode IV as was a fluke that was quickly corrected by hiring additional writers and new directors for the second two original trilogy flicks. There’s no greater evidence to support this idea than the last three movies Lucas wrote and directed on his own, or the story he dreamed up for the last Indiana Jones. So then it should also come as no surprise that his original draft of Star Wars, originally titled The Star Wars: The Adventures of the Starkiller is kind of crazy and weird and probably was altered after notes from some of his more competent, famous filmmaking friends.

Luckily, that original was never filmed (though you can read the script here), but it will finally be realized in comic book form in the Dark Horse adaptation of The Star Wars, complete with old, aged Luke Skywalker and lizard-fied Han Solo. The 8-issue comic book will begin in September and  Entertainment Weekly was able to grab some early art courtesy of Dark Horse which can be viewed above and below. 

I Hate Magicians But Love Me Some Isla Fisher and Melanie Laurent in the ‘Now You See Me’ Trailer (VIDEO)


Magician movies are a tough thing. Sometimes you get a cool one like The Prestige, but usually they turn out to be more like The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. Part of the problem is that magicians are inherently uncool. Even the ‘cool’ ones: David Blaine, Criss Angel…kind of tools. Which is why I’m a little hesitant about Now You See Me. For one thing, the ‘magic tricks’ you see in the trailer look incredibly fake and use plenty of CGI, so…it’s not real trade magic. And even if it was supposed to be fantasy magic…it still looks kind of crappy.

Then there’s the whole 99/1% angle they’re using about taking from the rich and giving to the poor. They tell a crowd at an expensive theater that a lot of them lost their houses and jobs and have nothing. So…then how did they afford tickets to this expensive gala? And why are they even there instead of out looking for a job or a way to provide for their family. Anyway, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman show up, so it can’t be all that bad. Or maybe it’s just Jumper with a better cast?

The NSFW ‘Filth’ Trailer is Exactly What You Should Be Watching at Work Right Now (VIDEO)

Cheeky Basterd!

A small, indie movie from across the pond isn’t typically the type of movie we’d write about here. But that’s usually because it’s some Merchant-Ivory movie about Judy Dench starting her life over in some hotel with some old timey WWII girl group, I don’t know. But James McAvoy’s new movie, Filth, looks like one of the most badass, crazy as shit movies since Trainspotting, which would make sense seeing as it’s based off another novel by Irvine Welsh, who helped pen the script for the adaptation.

Oh, and it’s full of drugs, great British cursing and a lot of sex. Co-starring the uber-sexy Imogen Poots, I’m hoping the lass will be seen at least once out of those knickers of hers. Ye Olde fingers crossed.

New ‘Man of Steel’ Pics Emerge Just to Rub It Into Your Face How Long You Have to Wait to See the Movie

A lot of people gave some shrugs and ‘mehs’ to the dreary, serious teaser trailers that first came out last year for Man of Steel. It seemed like Superman was not a character anyone actually wanted given the Nolan ‘grounded in reality’ treatment. But advance word from the folks over at Warner Bros. is that this movie ultimately just crushes it and now I just can’t get enough material from Supes to feed my appetite. These new images from the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly will ahve to do for now. I’m hoping we’ll finally get a fully realized trailer before Iron Man 3 next month.

Man of Steel opens June 14th.

‘Walking Dead’ VFX Reel Proves that Zombies Aren’t Actually Real for All Those Conspiracy Theorists Out There (VIDEO)

The Walking Dead
Apparently Zombies Aren't Actually Real

The Walking Dead usually looks pretty seamless with its special effects, and you kind of assume that it it’s really easy to pull off, but as this behind-the-scenes VFX reel from season three shows, a lot of work goes into gouging a walker’s eye out with a drill. My only problem with the look of Walking Dead and special effects in general is that they still haven’t pulled CGI blood off yet. Am I wrong? They can take us to Pandora and bring dinosaurs to life, but there’s still something about fake CGI blood that reads as…fake and CGI. I’m not sure how hard it would be to just rig some squibs on the walkers, but apparently that’s the least of anyone’s concern over there. Still…impressive.

The ‘Elysium’ Trailer is Here to Teach All You Kids What a Real Trailer is Supposed to Look Like (VIDEO)

Matt Damon
Mmatt. Daymon.

Maybe the reason I just couldn’t get behind the trailers for Oblivion as much as I’ve been trying to is that deep down, subconsciously, my mind was just waiting for the trailer for Elysium, another movie about a man who must fight back against the system that controls him. Because it by far and large blows anything else I’ve seen this year out of the water.

Starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, Elysium is Neill Blomkamp’s follow-up to District 9, and as that movie was an alien story used as a metaphor for the slums of Johannesburg post-apartheid, this one seems to be pretty straight-forwardly about the 1% and the 99%. But unlike those folks protesting and occupying Wall St., Matt Damon decided to take things one step further and have robotics drilled into his body so that he can fuck. shit. up.

And for those that remember their Greek mythology, Elysium was the Greek idea of the afterlife, so just incase Blomkamp wasn’t being obvious enough with his metaphor…