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Hazel graduated with a BS degree in Chemical Engineering, although she secretly wanted to major in journalism. Thank God she never stopped writing because as luck and a whole lot of work would have it, a couple of tech blogs took her on, more came a-knocking, and now she's got the best of both worlds: crunching numbers throughout the day while writing about all sorts of crazy gear at night. Find her on Twitter @gigadgetry and check out her portfolio at HazelChua.com.

Balls of Steel: Man Calmly Sips Beer While Armed Russian Gangsters Storm Restaurant (VIDEO)

35 Armed Russian Gangsters Storm Restaurant
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You’d probably be sh’tting your pants if this were you. Imagine sitting in a restaurant, unwinding with a glass of booze, when not one, not two, but thirty five armed men storm the establishment with guns blazing. Normally, all hell would break loose and people would be scrambling to the nearest exit.

Not this guy, though. He stays seated, remains calm, and continues sipping his beer as if this happened every day. Man, he’s hardcord! Check it out!

Back to the Present: Blinking Light Flux Capacitor Wristwatch

Anyone who has seen Back to the Future will want this timepiece, regardless of how many watches he’s already got. It doesn’t have a fancy brand, but the fact that its design was inspired by the Flux Capacitor from the hit movie more than makes up for it. It’s a pleasant blast from the past that’s useful for the present and for the near future.

Press the bottom button and then get ready to count lights. Time is divided into hours, minutes first digit, minutes second digit – so it looks confusing, but is very easy to read. (Example: 10 lights, 5 lights, 3 lights = 10:53 – and it repeats). At the same time, the time circuit LCD display will show you the date.

It also has a “time travel” mode for novelty’s sake. Just hit that switch and you’ll get a random date displayed. We rate if five stars for nostalgia.

Get It: $50

Let The Games Begin: Beer Bottle Bong

Need a beer bong and need it quick? You don’t have to scramble around to get a hose and funnel, because that beer bottle could be a bong if you have the right tools– and you need only one: the Knockout. The name is pretty apt, considering the fact that it’s basically an attachment for your beer bottle that turns the whole thing into a bong.

Just pop that bottle open, attach, and let the chugging begin!

Get It: $30

Oh, Fap!: Man with Bionic Arm Hits the Fap Button… (VIDEO)

Man w Bionic Arm Hits The Fap Button
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What’s the first thing you’d request for if you had a bionic arm? Voice command? Customized functions? Well, what about a fap button? That’s what this dude’s hand has and it’s the coolest feature ever. It’s still cool even if it’s the source of possible embarrassment, as this dude experienced firsthand, when he accidentally hit the fap button.

Hilarity ensues… and it still ensues, even when we all find out that the whole thing was just a sketch and that both dudes are actually French Youtubers. Check it out!

Homemade Awesomeness: DIY Bacon Making Kit

Bacon is awesome. As we’ve said time and again, it’s the world’s best meat ever and the universe would be a sad place without it. Now take that love for bacon to the next level by making your own. We’re not saying you should go raise a pig and go at it from there. Basically you just have to buy some choice meat and use the ingredients included in the Bacon Making Kit to make your own homemade bacon that’s as sweet and smoky as you want it to be.

Each kit has all you need to whip up five batches of 2-lb bacon goodness.

Get It: $40

Snap and Print: Prynt Case Turns Your Phone Into a Polaroid

Instant gratification is what life is all about lately. Instant noodles, instant p0rn, instant everything. Polaroids died a slow death eons ago, but the concept aims to make a comeback with Prynt. It’s a case for your smartphone that turns it into an instant camera of sorts. Just point, shot, and wait for a printed copy of your photo to come sliding out of the case.

Quick and easy, and you don’t even need an actual separate camera or printer to get your prints. How cool is that?

Check It Out: $99

Oh, It’s So Bad: More Bad Lip Reading From ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ (VIDEO)

Lip Reading From Hunger Games Catching Fire
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No doubt Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 will be a huge hit like its predecessors. It’s not a comedy, but that’s definitely what the franchise turns into when it gets the bad lip reading treatment. Check out what they did to Catching Fire, for instance. J-Law aka Katniss is reduced to saying things like “poot,” and well, Peeta stops making any sense. Enjoy!