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Hazel graduated with a BS degree in Chemical Engineering, although she secretly wanted to major in journalism. Thank God she never stopped writing because as luck and a whole lot of work would have it, a couple of tech blogs took her on, more came a-knocking, and now she's got the best of both worlds: crunching numbers throughout the day while writing about all sorts of crazy gear at night. Find her on Twitter @gigadgetry and check out her portfolio at HazelChua.com.

Ulti-Meatum Burgerception: 10,000 Calorie Bomb is a Cheeseburger Within a Cheeseburger

The 10,000 Calorie Bomb is a cheeseburger within a cheeseburger that's held together by two more cheeseburgers. How's that for some artery-busting action?

It's made and sold by Mister Eaters restaurant of Preston, Lancashire and it's aptly dubbed the 'Ulti-Meatum' burger bomb. Mister Eaters' head honcho Corinne Clarkson was inspired to put together this monster of a burger after watching an episode of 'The Best Burger in the World' on Cartoon Network's The Regular Show. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Ulti-Meatum is essentially a cheeseburger crammed inside a cheeseburger, that's held together by two buns that are actually cheeseburger. The entire thing contains about 5 pounds of meat, 6 slices of cheese, and three big buns, with some lettuce and tomatoes thrown into the mix. Mmm-hmm!

Smart Gun Won’t Go Off Unless You’re Wearing the Matching RFID Watch

It sucks in movies and it'll suck infinitely more in real life. I'm talking about moments when you've got the upper hand, but had the tables turned because of bad luck or poor skill. Like when you're in a fight for your life, for example, and the bad guys have somehow managed to snatch away your firearm and is not pointing the barrel at you.

This sort of thing won't ever happen with the Armatix Firearm smart system. It's smart for the reason that the gun comes with am iW1 RFID watch. When it's in contact with the watch, the gun can be fired. If not, then it's deactivated. How's that for added safety and security?

More Info: Armatix

Everything You Need and More: MacGyver Tool Kit

MacGyver always found a way out, regardless of the crap that he found himself in (or got himself into.) He doesn't use fancy shmancy tools or high-tech equipment. In fact, he makes the best out of what he has and just goes with that.

Now all wannabe-MacGyver's will be happy to know that a tool kit bearing his name has just been released. It contains an assortment of random stuff that are useful for one purpose or another, such as a bobby pin, paper clip, rubber band, birthday candle, and a square of duct tape.

Get It: $6

News Flash: Denver News Station Flashes Pic of Peen On Air (VIDEO)

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Folks who were watching Fox 31 in Denver were in for an unpleasant surprise as they tuned in to the network's news program. While reporting about a helicopter crash, the anchors decided to go through some producer's Twitter feed for God-knows-what reason. After a couple of random images, a big ol' pecker graces  the entirety of the screen.

The anchors were clearly aware at the sheer stupidity and magnanimity of their mistake, as they will forever be known as the douches news anchors who showed a peen on television. All because they didn't think twice about scrolling down someone's Twitter feed while broadcasting live.

Check out the clip to see what went down (obviously it's NSFW) and the anchors' reactions when they realize the sheer stupidity of what they did.

Smoky and Delicious: Eau de Bacon

Smell like your favorite meat! Bacon Cologne is another product that joins the wide range of other stuff that feature or are inspired by none other than bacon. I'm sure you've heard of bacon toothpaste, bacon mints, and bacon gravy. There's even bacon-flavored gum and Ritz crackers now.

However, i you want something that can last throughout the day and remind you of everyone's favorite smoky meat while you're at it, then you might want to spritz on this Bacon Cologne. It's created by Fargginay and is available in two varieties: Bacon classic, which had a distinct 'spicy maple' aroma, while Bacon Gold smells of 'sizzling citrus.'

Check It Out: $36

Bad Ass Drummer Drums With Flaming Drumsticks (VIDEO)

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So this is one bad-ass drummer playing one mean set. What sets him apart from all others is the fact that he likes to play the drums with flaming drumsticks. And by flaming, we do mean flaming--the drumsticks are really on fire! It sounds like a crazy thing to do (and it is!) but the sight of him hitting those drums while the flames lick his drumstick is mighty impressive.

Ready to be amazed? Check the clip out and see for yourself.

Infinite Energy: Justice League Red Bull Cans

With the wide varietyof energy-boosting products available in the market today, from caffeine sprays and concentrated coffee shots to energy drinks, competition is tough. That said, Redbull can take a page out of  NY-based art director Diego Fonseca's book. He's thought up some pretty gnarly designs for Redbull cans featuring none other than the Justice League.

Shown here are the ones inspired by Batman, Aquaman, and the Green Lantern. You can check out the rest here.