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Hazel graduated with a BS degree in Chemical Engineering, although she secretly wanted to major in journalism. Thank God she never stopped writing because as luck and a whole lot of work would have it, a couple of tech blogs took her on, more came a-knocking, and now she's got the best of both worlds: crunching numbers throughout the day while writing about all sorts of crazy gear at night. Find her on Twitter @gigadgetry and check out her portfolio at HazelChua.com.

LOLWTF: Fleshlight LaunchPAD Lets You Hump Your Tablet

Two years ago, the world was introduced to the concept of the Fleshlight iPad case. The company is in the business of making toys for the big boys. Not cars, mind you, but flashlight-shaped contraptions that let dudes stuck their dongs in to have a grand ol' time. If you know what I mean.

It took them a couple of years but the Fleshlight iPad case is now a reality. Why it took them that long, we have no clue, since it's basically just an iPad case with a slot for a Fleshlight tacked onto the back. So whenever you're not in the mood to go get some tail but still feel frisky anyways, then you know where to turn to for some mobile lovin'.

Get It: $25 (NSFW Product Site)

Every Man’s Dream, Realized: Boobie Bounce House

So maybe it's a bit presumptuous to say that every man dreams to jump around in a house of boobs. If you disagree, then you probably belong to the minority. But for argument's sake, let's rephrase: if a man had to go inside an actual bounce house, it would be none other than the Boobie Bounce house.

As the name implies, it's basically a bounce house filled with boobies all over. From big to small and different colored nips, the Boobie Bounce house has one boob for everybody. You can experience it all for $15--just don't suck on it.

Check It Out: Museum of Sex

Salami Dreams: Sleep on a Bed of Pizza

You eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You eat it with ramen toppings and piles of bacon on top. There's tiers upon tiers of pizza sold off as cakes, and even a pizza taco if you feel like having more than just a pie. Well, if you love the damned pie so much, then why don't you sleep in it?

Not in the actual pie, of course (because, ugh, what a mess!) but on a bed covered in this oh-so-greasy pepperoni pizza bedspread. The pillows are covered in crusty pillowcases while the covers make up the rest of the pizza. It's not for sale--yet--but don't be surprised if you see it being sold online soon.

Check It Out: Pizza Bed

Dreams of Gaming: Video Game Cartridge Pillows

You've played the games, now lay on them. Not on the actual video game cartridges (because obviously that ain't going to be comfortable), but on these video game cartridge pillows that look like--surprise, surprise--video game cartridges Nintendo made in the nineties that you couldn't stop playing.

They don't feature actual games, although the designs are clearly designed by actual games. For example, the Lava Jump pillow features a dude jumping over a volcano much like Mario and Luigi did in Super Mario. The other pillow features a unicorn and a weird devilish-looking villain just peeking up from the bottom.

Get It: $40

Wowza: Entire Super Mario Bros. Played in Less Than 5 Minutes (VIDEO)

Watch Video

They don't make video games like they used to in the eighties. Just as well, because you're stuck with glitches that let you 'go through' walls and survive, even when it looks like you hit the enemy, thanks to the limited number of hitboxes that are active when the game is running. These are all things that gamer Blubber took advantage of when he set the world record for playing and finishing the entire Super Mario Bros. game.

The official clock: 4 minutes and 57.69 seconds. The awesomeness? Infinity. Check it out!

Kool Tool is the Koolest Belt and Multi-Tool Buckle Ever

You might think you're a cool cat, but nobody's too cool to do some DIY and repairs once in a while. Case in point would be the Kool Tool, which is a belt buckle that doubles as a multi-tool. It looks like an over-sized buckle and doesn't look too out of the ordinary, considering all the other outrageous belt buckles people are wearing these days.

The multi-tool replaces a bevy of tools, including three screwdrivers, three wire strippers, a bottle opener (hey, everyone needs to have one on the go!), a S.A.E. hex tool, and even a rule with standard and metric increments.

Get It: $16

Nothing Beats Wireless: Earin Wireless Earbuds

Not a fan of wires? Neither are we. Apparently, neither are the makers of the Earin Wireless Earbuds that do away with wires completely. As the name implies, the ear buds are meant to go in your ears--'ear in'--get it? They're small, too. In fact, they're the smallest earbuds in the market and they come with a compact capsule storage case that keeps your buds secure (and to make sure you don't lose 'em, because they're so tiny and all.)

Earin is strictly for audiophiles. To make that point across, no additional features have been added, not even a microphone. It's just meant to be used to listen to music, and nothing more. Aside from the earbuds and the storage capsule, it'll also comes with a Concha lock (to keep the earbuds secure on your ears), foam tips, and a USB charging cable.

Get It: $200+