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Hazel graduated with a BS degree in Chemical Engineering, although she secretly wanted to major in journalism. Thank God she never stopped writing because as luck and a whole lot of work would have it, a couple of tech blogs took her on, more came a-knocking, and now she's got the best of both worlds: crunching numbers throughout the day while writing about all sorts of crazy gear at night. Find her on Twitter @gigadgetry and check out her portfolio at HazelChua.com.

Cooler Than It Sounds: Skateboard Tricks With a Wheelbarrow (VIDEO)

Skateboard Tricks With Wheelbarrow
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So this is a video clip of a dude doing a bunch of tricks on his skateboard, with a wheelbarrow as his prop. I kid you not. It’s hard enough doing all those jumps and flips with nothing in your hands, but a huge-ass wheelbarrow? Now that’s something else. Hit play and skip on over to the 1:30 mark because that’s when the action begins. Enjoy!

Mad World: Corn Stalk Prank (VIDEO)

Corn Stalk Prank
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How does it feel to have corn stalks stalking you? Sounds like something straight from a horror movie, but that’s what happened to a bunch of unfortunate dudes aka the victims of this ingenious Corn Stalk prank. Prankster Ed Bassmaster and Jesse from BF vs GF dressed up as a pair of corn stalk. They then stalked unsuspecting shoppers leaving the grocery store who had no clue that they were about to be stalked by the creepiest stalkers of all time…

When they do realize what’s happening, their reactions are priceless. Check it out!

Shrine Sneaker Duffel Has Special Compartments For Your Kicks

Carrying separate shoe bags for your sneakers can be a pain. Unfortunately, throwing them into your duffel bag with the rest of your stuff isn’t an option (unless you’re a total slob.) Good thing there’s the Shrine Sneaker Duffel bag that’s got two special compartments on the side for your sneaks. Each one is roomy enough to hold a pair, so you can carry up to two pairs at once.

If you’re only carrying one, then no worries because you can simply fill it up with your other stuff.

Get It: $185

Pumpkin Suit: It’s So Tacky, It’s (Almost) Scary!

So you were one of the legions of dudes who decided to dress up as a zombie this Halloween. Well, it ain’t too early to plan next year’s costume, so why not start niow?

Steer clear of zombies, vampires, and firemen and go for the creepy dude in a cheap suit look. next year The suit lets you achieve all that and more with the plethora of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns that covers its entirety. It’s so ghastly, it just might work.


Get It: $135+

Box of 2,400 Krispy Kreme Donuts, Comin’ Right Up!

Krispy Kreme wanted to drum up publicity, so they did what any smart chain would do: supersize. Well, not in terms of size, but serving size, as they packed over two thousand donuts (2,400 donuts, to be specific) into a huge-ass box to celebrate the launch of their new donut delivery service in the UK. What actually became of those donuts, we’ll never know, but here’s to hoping one of those actually made its way into my bottomless pit of a stomach.

Happy Halloween!

Endless Fun: Inflatable Beer Pong Game

Too hot to stay to party? No such thing when you’ve got the inflatable beer pong. It lets you take everyone’s favorite drinking game into the water so everyone can cool off while unwinding and warming up their insides with their favorite booze.

Every dude needs one.

Get It: $34

Bricked Data: LEGO USB Drive

Bricking your device– and essentially turning it into a paper weight– is extremely sh’tty. But there’s nothing sh’tty about the LEGO USB drive because it stores your data in a quirky shell that looks just like one of those LEGO blocks that you used to play with when you were a kid.

Go on. Brick your data.

Get It: $11