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Hazel graduated with a BS degree in Chemical Engineering, although she secretly wanted to major in journalism. Thank God she never stopped writing because as luck and a whole lot of work would have it, a couple of tech blogs took her on, more came a-knocking, and now she's got the best of both worlds: crunching numbers throughout the day while writing about all sorts of crazy gear at night. Find her on Twitter @gigadgetry and check out her portfolio at HazelChua.com.

Out of This World: Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge

This Star Trek-inspired Borg Cube fridge is so ridiculously awesome that even extra terrestrials would approve. It's small and doesn't take up much space at all, making it the perfect addition to your room. It can also be powered by a 12V DC voltage power source, so it also works well as a portable fridge, too.

The coolest part, though? This thing isn't just a refrigerator, because aside from keeping your stuff cool, you can also switch and turn it into a food warmer. Who else can say they keep their food in a borg cube?

Get It: $150

Capture the Entire Picture: Check Out GoPole’s Scenelapse 360

There's Go Pro, and then there's GoPole. (Unfortunately, it ain't the kind of pole that you're thinking of though.) GoPole has recently launched the Scenelapse 360, which offers budding photographers and videographers an easy way to take 36o-degree still shots and videos.

It rotates gradually and completes a full rotation in sixty minutes. It's designed to work with the Go Pro (but of course).

Get It: $35

Now That’s Fast: SanDisk USB 3.0 Transfers Movies in 40 Seconds

The USB has just gotten faster--a whole lot faster with USB 3.0. Not that it's slow as things are, but that's how it'll feel when you try this baby out. Manufacturer SanDisk has unveiled their Ultra Fit 3.0 flash drive and it boasts exceptional performance in such a tiny package. The main selling point is speed, and here's an example of what you can expect to do with it: transfer full-length movies in under a minute. Just forty seconds, to be exact.

Now ain't that something else?

Get It: Starts at $40

Reebok Bacon: We Believe in Bacon

So Reebok sells bacon now. They won't be switching over to the meat industry soon, but they've taken to distributing boxes of America's favorite meat product at the latest Crossfit games in California. Clearly, the whole thing was an ad campaign. However, it was a smart and effective one, considering all the buzz and the fact that bacon is everyone's favorite processed meat--with several major differences though: their version has no sweeteners, no MSG, no nitrites, no preservatives, no nothing.

They believe in bacon. I believe in bacon. Do you?

Check It Out: Reebok Bacon

Beer/Shot Glass: Best of Both Worlds

Can't decide whether you want a glass of beer or a shot of vodka? Then the Beer/Shot glass is perfect for you. It gives you the best of both worlds, because you won't have to choose one or the other and you won't have to carry a crapload of glasses for your drinking sesh.

Want a tall glass of Coors? Just pour and swig. Feel like throwing down a shot or two of tequila before your refill? No probme--just flip the glass over and fill up the embedded shot glass with your poison of choice.

Get It: $23

Pocket Protection: Credit Card Sized Folding Knife

There many different kinds of protection you can carry in your pocket. There's rubber, for one, and pepper spray. There's also this extremely handy credit card-sized folding knife that'll help you out when you find yourself in a tight spot: whether it's cutting some rope when you're outdoors, self defense, or cutting up a piece of sausage to share.

The entire knife folds into a thin card. Just swing the blade out when you're ready to use, and you're good to go.

Get It: $15

NomadPlus: Because You Need an Extra Battery With Your Charger

So you've got your charger with you, but can't find an outlet to plug it in. You could get a power bank, but it's useless when it's low on juice and you don't have the charging cable with you. Cue the NomadPlus, which is a little both that solves several of your first-world battery and charger-related woes.

It's basically a charger with a built-in backup battery. Think of it as a power bank with an embedded charger, so you can keep your devices powered up without having to worry about running out of power immediately in case of power failure. Pretty neat, huh?

Get It: $39