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Hazel graduated with a BS degree in Chemical Engineering, although she secretly wanted to major in journalism. Thank God she never stopped writing because as luck and a whole lot of work would have it, a couple of tech blogs took her on, more came a-knocking, and now she's got the best of both worlds: crunching numbers throughout the day while writing about all sorts of crazy gear at night. Find her on Twitter @gigadgetry and check out her portfolio at HazelChua.com.

Bunch O Balloons Takes Water Balloon Fights to the Next Level

With the advent of Bunch O Balloons, water balloon fights aren't just for kids anymore. These are basically mass water balloon loaders that can fill up to about a hundred balloons in under a minute. It comes in the form of a neat attachment that you can secure to the faucet or to a hose. Just turn the water on and watch the balloons fill up, all at once.

Once they're all filled up, just shake the balloons loose into a bucket and you're good to go. The battle begins...now!

Get It:$17

Ninja Driver Mode On: Samurai Sword Gear Stick

Drive like a samurai, brake like a ninja. Okay, so that doesn't really make sense, but what does make a whole lotta sense is getting a gear stick for your car that looks hella awesome, like the Samurai Sword gear stick. As the name implies, it looks like the handle of a samurai sword.

The gear sticks are available in either red or black and are about 10.5 inches in length. They fit most cars, so no need to worry about compatibility or fitting issues. The makers of the Samurai Sword gear stick offer a bevy of others, like the Dragonball Z and Screwdriver shift knob.

Get It: $50

Heisenberg Tile Magnets Will Want to Make You Get Wordy

Bored with the magnets on your fridge? Then give them the Walter White treatment by getting a set of these Heisenberg tile magnets. At first glance, they look like Scrabble letter tiles that are an eye-catching shade of emerald green and meth blue. Look at them a bit closer and you'll see that they're actually periodic element tiles bearing symbols of elements from the periodic table.

Each one has a rare earth magnet stuck onto the back. They're available in a bevy of colors, and you can mix and match to your heart's content: Walter Green, Ginger Todd, Blood Red Gus, Saul Yellow, and Heisenberg Blue (aka Meth Blue.)

Get It: $27+

You Need One: Prometheus Dog Tag is Also a Multi Tool

The Prometheus Dog Tag can do what most dog tags can't. For starters, it looks more bad ass than your average dog tag. It also happens to be a multi-tool that comes with a bevy of built-in tools that you can use and abuse, depending on your current needs. The dog tags are crafted from durable titanium and stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about them bailing or falling apart at inopportune moments.

The tools built into it includes a closed-end wrench, a bit driver, a battery bay driver, and of course--the one thing most men need at all times--a bottle opener.

Get It: $60

TaskOne Pro: The iPhone Case That Can

Can your phone case do what the TaskOne Pro can? It's the Swiss Army knife of phone cases with its numerous hidden tools and attachments that can help you out when you're in a difficult situation. Need a knife? The case comes with a 2.5-inch removable one. Need to cut some wire? It's got a wire cutter in there somewhere.

The TaskOne Pro packs in a total of 22 tools, including screw drivers, Allen wrenches, wire strippers, dual kickstands, pliers, a box wrench, and a ruler. Every dude needs one.

Get It: $100

The Dark Side of the Rug: Death Star Carpet

Want a rug that exudes nothing but bad-assery and power? Then look no further than the Death Star rug, which brings the most powerful weapon in the force right into your home. The Star Wars-themed rug measures six by six feet, which should be just about right for an average-sized room.

They're hand-knotted from wool and bamboo all the way from Nepal. Expect to pay top dollar for such quality and awesome design though.

Get It: $3360

Catapult Pencils From Your Childhood Dreams

Remember how you used to tape two pencils together to make the perfect catapult? School wouldn't have been as fun or bearable without those moments. Whether you've got a kid now or are still a kid at heart, you might want to check these Catapult Pencils out. They're just like regular old pencils...until you get to the end with the erasers.

Instead of going straight, the pencil diverges to form that familiar, catapult Y. Get your spitballs ready--it's time for war!

Get It: $10