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Hazel graduated with a BS degree in Chemical Engineering, although she secretly wanted to major in journalism. Thank God she never stopped writing because as luck and a whole lot of work would have it, a couple of tech blogs took her on, more came a-knocking, and now she's got the best of both worlds: crunching numbers throughout the day while writing about all sorts of crazy gear at night. Find her on Twitter @gigadgetry and check out her portfolio at HazelChua.com.

Booze Up: Beer Koozie Necktie

Whoever said ties and booze don't work well together obviously has no imagination. Not that you should be drinking while you're at work, but on the occasion when it's permitted or actually encouraged, then it's best to be prepared. How? By getting one of these Beer Koozie neckties and stashing one in your dashboard.

It's basically a tie with a pocket sewn on the front, which can hold a can or bottle of your favorite beer. The Beer Tie also features a keychain loop at the bottom so you can hook your car keys or bottle opener keychain right on it.

Get It: $28

Our Kinda Jewelry: Diver Necklace for Your Girl

This is the Diver, and we think it's the awesomest jewelry of all time. It features a lone pendant of a dude 'diving' into the best crevice known to man: a girl's titties. Designed by ekodworks, it's only a prototype for now, but we'd love to see it get made. Anything that encourages the ladies to wear low-cut and cleavage-revealing tops is awesome in our books.

This work is a concept model. Is a prototype. Therefore, it has not been released yet.It is expected to release on at the end of this year.

More Pics: ekodworks

That’s Just Nasty: Pooping Dog Fireworks

So this is just about one of the grossest ways to celebrate, and that's saying something. It's the Pooping Dog fireworks, and they come in a bunch of variants featuring different images of cartoon pooches. What each of them does when you light them up is the same though: poop. Not just fake-looking weird ass poop, but sticky and realistic-looking crap that'll make you temporarily lose your appetite.

It's great for laughs and pranks, but damn, it's as crappy as fireworks get. And we mean that literally.

Get It: $0.75

Because It’s Badass: Private Ninja Lessons

Got $325 to spare? Then sign up for private ninja lessons. You won't regret it, especially when you find yourself in a precarious situation down the road with nothing but your ninja skills to save your ass.

The lessons are up for grabs on Cloud9living, with the listing specifying that your instructor was awarded the title of Shidoshi (or 'teacher of the warrior ways') back in 1991. You'll learn a bunch of not-as-fun-but-still-interesting stuff along the way (such as ninja history and philosophy) because getting into the nitty gritty of the ninja ways of self defense and combat strategy.

Check It Out: $325

All About the TP: Space Invaders Toilet Paper Holder

Your toilet has been invaded by aliens! No, not really, but, well, sort of. If you've got one of these Space Invaders toilet paper holders in there, that is. It's a 3D printed holder for your TP that distracts visitors from the mess in there, simply because it's awesome and easily recognizable. I mean, who hasn't heard of Space Invaders or played the game at least once in their lives?

Of course, you could print your own if you have a 3D printer, but it's cheaper and way easier to just buy one.

Get It: $20

For Couch Potatoes: Bottle Opener Remote Control

So this neat little gizmo combines the two things that every couch potato needs: a remote control and a bottle opener. Nothing sucks more than having to get up and get a bottle opener. I mean, that beats the purpose of installing a cooler right beside the sofa, right? No couch potato is ever without his remote, so this is just about perfect.

Get It: $20

This Is How NOT to Jump Off A High Dive Platform (VIDEO)

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Guys and gals, check out what the chick in the clip did to find out what you should NEVER do when you're jumping off a high dive platform. Sure, the view from above is scary as hell if you're scared of heights and aren't a particularly good swimmer. But you probably shouldn't even be standing on the platform if you knew that, right?

Unfortunately, this chick ignored her instincts until it was too late: she changes her mind at the edge of the platform. What happens next is painful--painful for her, that is. Check it out!