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“Justice League” Will Battle “Avengers 2″ In 2015! What Are The Great Box Office Showdowns?

Let’s get ready to rumble! In the red corner we have Marvel’s multi-million dollar behemoth comprising of some of the biggest egos ever known to comics, The Avengers. And in the blue corner, their opponents will be Warner Bros’ ambitious attempt to dethrone this gaggle of superheros, Justice League! Boy, 2015′s box office battle is going to interesting.

Warner has decided to release J.L in summer 2015 which will put it in direct competition with Joss Whedon’s return to The Avenger’s franchise, which will hit cinema in on 1 May of the same year. Who will come out on top? Well, if these previous box office battles are anything to go by, it beats me!

Stallone And De Niro Are Going To Box In A Movie! Gee, I wonder who will win?

Okay, Stallone won’t be starring as Rocky and De Niro won’t be reprising La Motta for Grudge Match, but the fact that both Sly and Bob will be in a ring together is enough for any cinephile to dance excitedly over.

Raging Bull and Rocky are two of the greatest movies ever created so the fact they are both returning to box can only really end badly. I mean, it would take a miracle for a film directed by Peter Segal (you guys remember My Fellow Americans? Me neither) to eclipse either classic. But I’m sure the two actors got paid a handsome sum to star and the marketing campaign takes care of itself. (I myself will be taking photos of Stallone from Rocky V and DeNiro from Rocky and Bullwinkle to create the fake trailer The Adventures of Rocky and Raging Bullwinkle. Trademarked.)

So in honor of Sly and Bob, here are 5 other actors who’ve returned to their own ring, so to speak, reprising famous characters from their halcyon days.

Hotel Clerk Is Fired For Gossiping About Jennifer Aniston! Other Examples Of Movie Stars Vs The Real World

A hotel clerk at a pretty fancy hotel in New Mexico has been fired after discussing the antics of Jennifer Aniston with fellow hotel guests whilst she was in town filming the new comedy We’re the Millers.

Terry Siegler has claimed that he was fired for complimenting Aniston when asked about her by other guests, which was deemed inappropriate by his superiors. First rule of the service industry: Never compliment Jennifer Aniston. Siegler should’ve known better.

But let’s face it when it comes to battles between movie stars and the normal folk, there’s only going to be one winner. Hell, Vince Neil killed a guy and and he got off with a slap on the wrist. So here are examples of when the general public lost to the Hollywood elite.

Ridley Scott Reveals Plans For “Prometheus” Sequel! Here’s How He Can Make it Suck Even Less!

Prometheus wasn’t quite the universal success that we all thought it would be. Yes, it was entertaining enough and Michael Fassbender’s performance as David astounded anyone who laid eyes on him but it seems to have been forgotten about after the success of The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. 

But that hasn’t stopped Ridley Scott moving ahead with his plans for Prometheus 2, which is expected to pick up right from where the first film left off as Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw goes in search of the Engineers. But what ways can Scott and his pals make sure that the sequel isn’t as disappointing as it’s predecessor? Here are some pointers for them …

“The Walking Dead” Kicks Off! Who Can We Expect To Meet In Season 3?

The Walking Dead returned last night with Rick’s gang looking for a place to permanently rest their weary heads. Lori’s still pregnant, Daryl and Carol seem to be bunking together whilst even little Carl appears to be on the hunt for some loving too.

But it’s Michonne, the hooded killer who is chained to two mouthless and armless zombies, who long standing fans of the franchise are the most excited about seeing on screen. But which other stars of The Walking Dead comics will soon be in Robert Kirkman and Glen Mazzara’s TV series?

The Lies Have It! Hulk Hogan and the Worst Liars in Tinseltown

Hulk Hogan’s had a pretty rough few weeks. First of all a sex tape was released that featured the Hulkster, his pal and his BFF’s wife partaking in a sexual dalliance. I haven’t had the heart to watch it yet, it would destroy my childhood instantly.

But now Hogan, who when appearing on The Howard Stern Show stated he was offered the lead role in The Wrestler instead of Mickey Rourke has been accused of lying by the film’s director. Darron Aronofsky stated via twitter that, “For the record, the role of the wrestler was always Mickey Rourke. It was never Hulk Hogan’s as he claims on Howard Stern.”

Hulkamania is at an all time low. But don’t worry, here are 5 other actors who lied and make Hogan look a bit better in comparison.

New “Django Unchained” Trailer Makes Us Weep In Anticipation! How Will It Compare To Tarantino’s Greatest Ever Moments?

Django Will Soon Be Freed

The new trailer for Django Unchained is so fantastic that you can’t help but be excited for Tarantino’s newest adventure. The latest footage shows us a lot more of Leonardo DiCaprio’s villainous Calvin Candie, with the Titanic star already impressing with his efforts.

Released on Christmas Day it promises to be that last great cinematic adventure of 2012. But how will it measure up to the chinned wonders’ previous work? Well if it features scenes like these then I’m sure it’ll be fine … Enjoy.

Marvin’s Death – Pulp Fiction