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‘Wayne’s World 3′ Is Coming Soon to a Theater Near You…Not!

Earlier this week the Internet was abuzz with rumours and hearsay after JoBlo broke the news that Mike Myers had finished a script for Wayne’s World 3 and the rocking duo of Wayne and Garth would soon be returning to our screens! The story would ‘reportedly focus on the pair coping with the new era of music, their transition from cable to the Internet, and Wayne working on his marriage to Cassandra.’ Oh, how we all rejoiced!

Then it was revealed that the story was a complete lie … DAMN IT! I guess Mike Myers was too busy writing the script to Austin Powers 4, which I believe will be subtitled as Austin Powers: Beating a Dead Horse

Oh, well. Maybe next year! But, we’ve been down this alley before. Check out the gallery for movie hoaxes that truly had us dreaming!  Read more… »

3 Unused ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Posters Are Released! Here Are 5 Other Movie One Sheets That You’ve Probably Never Seen

The Dark Knight Rises was released months ago. That’s like 12 years in movie terms. But that doesn’t mean Christopher Nolan and his merry band of caped crusaders can’t continue to milk profits from the superhero sequel! It’s only right.

To be fair though, the posters are pretty sweet. You can check them out below and in the gallery above alongside 5 more movie posters from your favourite films that you have probably never seen before.


Quentin Tarantino Is Set To Retire! Here Are 5 Actors Who Also Called It Quits!

Imagine a world without Quentin Tarantino. It’s hard, isn’t it? Well, rumour has it that in a few years time you won’t have to try, because the man with the largest chin in Hollywood looks set to retire! Tarantino recently told Playboy magazine, “You stop when you stop, but in a fanciful world, 10 movies in my filmography would be nice. I’ve made seven … if I stop at 10, that would be OK as an artistic statement.”

Only 3 more QT flicks!? How can that be? Tarantino seems to have worked out the forumla for ruining a filmography, stating, “Directors don’t get better as they get older. Usually the worst films in their filmography are those last four at the end. I am all about my filmography, and one bad film fu@ks up three good ones.”

But don’t worry. Here are 5 entertainers who called it quits at the height of their powers and we soon got over them!

“Anchorman 2″ Will Feature Musical Moments! Here Are 5 Funny Songs From Comedies

Adam McKay has confirmed that we can expect some ridiculously funny musical numbers throughout Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues! Which is pretty awesome news!

“There will be some music in Anchorman 2 for sure,” says McKay. “We have some songs already written. We were going to do Anchorman 2 as a Broadway musical first, for like six months and then go shoot the movie.”

So what kind of songs do you want to hear? Maybe Brick singing a ballad? Brian dancing to Grease Lightning? Champ wearing a wig pretending to be Bon Jovi? There are so many options! If they’re anything like these humorous musical numbers then we’ll be happy.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut


Star Wars VII, VII & IX Are Coming! Here Are Five Sequels That Ruined Their Franchises

So, as we all know by now in the near future a new Star Wars sequel will be with us. Will it be good or will it be bad? Who knows!? All we’re certain of is that George Lucas is now extraordinarily rich.

Having been burned by the prequel series just over a decade ago we don’t want to raise our hopes up too highly, but with Toy Story 3 and Little Miss Sunshine scribe Michael Arndt taking over control of the script from Lucas, we can at least get a little excited.

But as a a warning to Disney and Arndt, keep your eyes on these 5 movies that helped to kill off classic movie franchises!

Jonah Hill Dons His Armor To Do Battle With CNN Anchor! The Best Celebrity Twitter Battles Ever

So apparently Jonah Hill and CNN anchor Don Lemon had a bit of a quarrel last week that was so vicious and nasty it had to be resolved on the dark streets of Twitter.

Lemon accused the rotunded comedian of treating the newscaster like ‘the help’ after running into him at a hotel. To which Hill responded by stating that Lemon was acting like ‘a 12 year old girl.’ Ouch!

Is this what the world has come to!? These issues used to be solved by men with duels! Now it takes place on Twitter. To confirm our fall from grace, here are 5 more Twitter battles for you to roll your eyes at and feel disgusted by.

The Five Best Gruesome Deaths That Make Us Excited for the Prospect of a ‘Scream 5′ (VIDEO)

Wes Craven really like his horror movies. And so he should, because he’s actually really good at making them. For a generation of movie-goers, Scream was the film that spooked the living bejesus out of them and their friends.

Scream 2, 3 and 4 each managed to have their own spooks and thrills, but the last edition to the series only managed to attract a measly $38 million at the US box office. So it is actually quite surprising to hear that Scream 5 is on it’s way. But rather than be annoyed at this revelation, here are 5 murders from the franchise that will remind you why it was so good in the first place.