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A “Flight Of The Navigator” Remake Is On The Way! Here Are 5 More 80′s Movies We Want To See Remade

Strap yourself in to your nearest UFO because a Flight Of The Navigator remake is on its way! For the uninitiated, Navigator tells the tale of Joey Freeman, an average 12-year-old kid who wakes up after a fall to find himself having travelled eight years into the future and not aged at all. The lucky bastard.

It’s a wonderful tale of abduction and adventure that didn’t really set the world alight upon its release in the 1980′s, but has been deemed good enough for a remake anyway. The makers of the current film festival favorite Safety Not Guaranteed, Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly, will helm the project. But surely there are a number of other 80′s classics which should have been remade ahead of this? Hollywood should check out the gallery above for some options.

Seth MacFarlane Confirms That A “Family Guy” Film Is On Its Way! Here Are 5 More TV Shows That Were Turned Into Movies

Seth MacFarlane has confirmed that a Family Guy movie is on the way. I know, I know, there has already been a Family Guy movie but I think we can all admit that it was just basically just three episodes, it went straight to DVD, and it was also pretty rubbish.

But the show’s creator, who struck box office gold with his live-action Ted over the summer, will also probably write, direct, and star in the animated epic and has vowed to improve this installment, and has also stated that he’s found a unique way to make a movie of the show, without it feeling like an extended episode.

What other TV shows have taken the plunge into cinematic waters?

A Couple Reasons Why We’re Afraid of ‘The Hobbit’

Remember Frodo? Yes you do, the small guy with really hairy feet who was kind of annoying, but also pretty brave. Come on, he was in that movie series, The Lord of the Rings? Where he walked a really, really, really, really long way with his BFF, just to throw a piece of jewellery into a volcano. There you go.

It was good wasn’t it? It was, trust me. Well, a prequel to his adventures revolving around his Uncle Bilbo is set to be released on December 14, called The Hobbit. You’ve probably heard of it, it’s pretty big news.

I know it was almost been a decade since we last saw Frodo, Sam and their Fellowship, but we finally have a Hobbit movie to get excited about and it can only be good, right? Unfortunately, it might also suck. Here are 5 reasons why The Hobbit trilogy might ruin the Lord of the Rings’ fine legacy.

Tis The Season To Set Your DVR! Which Christmas Movies Will Get You In The Mood For Santa?

I’m still finding turkey grizzle and sweet potatoes at the bottom of the bowl before I flush but somehow the Christmas season is already upon us! Which depending on your mood is either wonderful or disastrous news. Now everyone just wants to complain about how commercial the celebration has become and proclaim that we should be concentrating our efforts on the birth of the big guy upstairs’ right hand man. Or if you’re one of those really bitter people, on some oil staying lit longer than some Goldbergs thought it would.

Fat chance. Xmas now revolves around food, presents, cheesy Christmas movies and a big old tree, that you place in the corner of your house and slowly watch die. But which flicks will get you in the mood for the return of Santa, Rudolf, Prancer and the remaining reindeer who the fat man abuses on his trip round earth? Here are 5 Christmas films you need to watch before December 25th.

Lenny Kravitz Cast As Marvin Gaye And Five Other Musicians Who Dropped Their Guitars And Flocked To Hollywood

It looks like rocker Lenny Kravitz is about to the play the Prince of Motown himself, Marvin Gaye in a new movie biopic of the sultry singer which will be filmed in 2013. Kravitz hasn’t fared to badly in Hollywood over the last few years, playing a small part in 2009′s critically lauded Precious, but it’ll be quite a stretch to hear him belt out the likes of Let’s Get It On and Heard It Through The Grapevine without picturing him with dreadlocks rocking out to thoughts of Lisa Bonet.

It seems like no one’s ever happy with mega-success in the entertainment industry. Musicians want to act. Actors want to sing. Kardashians want to pretend to not be slutty jokes. And lest we forget Kazaam, the movie in which Shaquille O’Neil not only acted in but also rapped in. Why can’t anyone be satisfied?

It seems like musicians can’t stop themselves from popping up in front of movie cameras! But the weird thing is that unless you’re Britney Spears in Crossroads, it sometimes works. So here are five more singers who thought they could act and were proved right!

Steven Spielberg Offered To Direct A James Bond Film But Was Turned Down! Here Are 5 Other Bond Movies That Almost Happened

This season has been great for anyone who is a fan of James Bond or anyone whose favorite U.S. President was number sixteen himself, Abe Lincoln as both Skyfall and Lincoln have opened within weeks of each other. But did you know there was a moment in history when they could have collided? There was once a time when Steven Spielberg didn’t control Hollywood (AI notwithstanding). I know, it seems crazy, right? But no, he was simply a director for hire and even though he had the brash confidence of a high school quarterback, it didn’t mean that he always got his own way.

While out promoting Lincoln, Spielberg made it clear that he always wanted to direct his own Bond film and went so far as to meet with the head honcho of Eon productions himself. “I went to Cubby Broccoli and I asked if I could do one and he: ‘No’.” What a cretin!

Instead, Spielberg went on to make the Indiana Jones series, so at least we can be grateful for that. What a Spielberg Bond movie would’ve looked like is anyone’s guess (though now it would probably star Shia Labeouf and contain a fridge being nuked). Anyway, here are 5 other Bond movies that were almost made!

When Good Actors Make Better Looking Women: 5 Actors Who Went Tranny

Actor/singer Jared Leto has often been accused of having a lackadaisical attitude towards his thespian duties. But people won’t be saying that after they see how far he’s gone for his latest acting for in The Dallas Buyers Club.

Leto has decided to become a cross-dresser for this AIDS drama, where he will star opposite Matthew McConaughey. McConaughey himself has lost 30 pounds for the role, which only pales in comparison to Leto’s sacrifices.

But he’s in good company. Here are 5 other male actors who have turned into women for the good of their craft.