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Celebrate the NBA Possibly Going Back to Seattle with Some Vintage Supersonics Photos

The NBA may be heading back to Seattle with a deal pending for the Sacramento Kings to be sold to a Seattle investment group. Curiously, ESPN hasn’t reported this news despite it being tweeted more than 90 minutes ago by Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski. They really hate being scooped, but even when they are, they throw the ‘sources’ label on it and get it out there. Anyway, to celebrate the probably imminent return of the NBA to Seattle, here’s a look back at some old photos of the Sonics’ glory days in the 90s when Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp made the team contenders.

I’ve included a few from the 1995 Finals between the Sonics and Bulls as well. I know the Kings aren’t the Sonics, but the fans in Seattle aren’t going to complain. Though they did show their displeasure with the Thunder making the Finals last season. Guess having Kevin Durant for one season, only to see him and the team shipped to Oklahoma City would make any fan kind of angry.

Seattle May Get an NBA Team Back Very Soon

Seattle, which had its NBA team ripped away after the 2007-08 season, may be getting a second chance at getting a team again. Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski just tweeted this:

Seattle was regarded as having one of the best fan bases in the league, and the city has never forgiven Clay Bennett for moving the team to Oklahoma City to become the Thunder. Sacramento Kings’ owners, the Maloof brothers, had been trying to relocate the team to Virginia, but that fell apart. It’s a surprise that the Maloofs would sell the team, but I guess they’re over it.

The Lakers Lack Chemistry, But Steve Nash Makes Sure They Have Biology

Steve Nash with the gross assist to Metta World Peace
That's a Gross Assist!

The Lakers lost again last night, this time to the Houston Rockets. That’s not really newsworthy anymore. But during a timeout, something kind of nasty went down. Steve Nash, who joined the 10,000 career assist club, was wiping himself down before returning to the court. No big deal, Nash just wanted to get that extra sweat off his face, arms and armpits. But when he was done, Nash hands the towel off to Metta World Peace, who proceeds to wipe his face with said armpit sweat-soaked towel.

It seems that MWP saw Nash use the towel but didn’t seem to care where it had just been. I guess when you’re out there getting sweat from other guys on you during a game you get kind of desensitized to it, but yeesh.

h/t The Big Lead

Gerald Green’s Leaping Ability Leads to Highlights on Both Ends of the Court

Gerald Green playing at a different altitude against Miami
Two Highlights For the Price of One

The Indiana Pacers nearly took out the Miami Heat in last year’s NBA Playoffs, and last night they showed that they’re still a tough matchup for LeBron James and company. The Pacers walked off their home court with an 87-77 win behind Paul George’s 29 points. The 77 was a season low for the Heat.

But it was Gerald Green who provided two of the best highlights of the night. Both plays came in the second quarter, first with Green getting his head near the rim on an alley-oop, then providing some serious help defense by jumping just as high to block a shot. Miami better figure out the Pacers because if they meet up again in the Playoffs, they might not get past them.

ESPN Has Parted Ways With Rob Parker

Rob Parker made himself a national news story in mid-December when he questioned Washington Redskins rookie QB Robert Griffin III’s blackness. Parker wondered if RG3 was a ‘brother or a cornball brother.’ ESPN responded to the outcry over Parker’s rant by suspending him for 30 days.

Parker ended up apologizing while not really apologizing, and then recently went on a Detroit talk show where he went ahead and said that the show producers knew exactly what he was going to say. Now ESPN has had enough of Parker, and after only hosting the weekend edition of First Take once, he’s done at the tWWL. ESPN PR said:

Rob Parker’s contract expired at year end. Evaluating our needs and his work, including his recent RGIII comments, we decided not to renew.

I can’t say I feel bad for Parker, especially after the way he fake apologized and then went ahead and defended his comments after the fact.

via Deadspin

The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Lead off the Early Lines for Divisional Round Weekend

No big surprises from Vegas this weekend on the NFL lines. The home team is favored in each of the four games. Things get cracking on Saturday with the Ravens traveling to Denver to take on the Broncos. The oddsmakers have the Broncos as an 8.5 point favorite right now and I really can’t see that changing much. Joe Flacco is nowhere near as effective on the road as he is at home. He threw for about 900 yards less away from Baltimore, and his completion percentage is nearly 6 points lower. Denver has won 11 straight and Peyton Manning has been surgical and electric. A Great Football Weekend »

Presenting The Thrill of Victory With Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

Alabama won their third BCS Championship in four years last night, steamrolling Notre Dame 42-14. The architect behind this new dynasty is of course head coach Nick Saban. Saban is famous for his icy exterior, his monotone press conferences and interviews and general blase attitude towards anything that isn’t directly involved with coaching his team or winning football games.

There was no doubt who was going to win last night after the Crimson Tide went up 21-0 in the opening seconds of the second quarter. Obviously that’s too early to get excited if you’re playing or coaching. But what about when there’s just a minute or so left? You’d think most coaches would crack a smile, knowing that months and months of hard work had paid off.

Not Saban, he barely showed any happiness, and even when he did, he looked pained in the process. Here’s a collection of shots of Saban from the game and from today’s press conference. You can almost tell his mind is racing about calling the next recruit or how he needs to prepare for Spring football practice. Congrats to Alabama, now get back to work, right coach?