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Pete Rose Struggling to Come to Terms with Fiancee’s Breast Reduction

Poor Pete Rose. No, I’m not talking about baseball, I’m talking about the 71-year-old’s fiancee’s decision to get her breasts reduced. It seems Rose is still having a hard time accepting that it happened. Pete and former Playboy model Kiana Kim are set to star in a new reality series, Hits and Mrs. (clever!) and during a lunch with reporters about the show, this exchange happened:

He leans toward Kiana and asks, “What do we call those things, ‘His and Hers’?”

“Huh?” she says.

He drops his eyes.

“Oh, ‘The Sisters?’ ” Uppercase, proper noun-like.

Pete nods. Seems Kiana had breast reduction surgery five months ago and it didn’t sit well with the new old man.

“I was used to them for 4 ½ years,” Pete pleads, “and all of a sudden we aren’t going to have them no more.”

He sighs.

“It’s no problem,” he continues sadly. “She’s still bigger than most girls.”

She rolls her eyes playfully. Cassie stares into her iPhone. The elderly lady across the table tries desperately to hold her smile.

“Like I was taking candy from him,” Kiana says. “He was really upset. Now he’s used to it. He maybe forgets.”

Tough. If you want to see what Pete’s life is like these days, the show premieres Monday on TLC. But even more sad than Pete’s struggles over the loss of his future wife’s ginormous rack, is that he apparently eats Subway for dinner every night.

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Atlanta Falcons Super Fan Big Boi Wants the Seahawks to Enjoy Some Strip Clubs While in Town

Big Boi has an idea to help the Falcons beat the Seahawks
That's Not a Bad Idea, Actually

Outkast’s Big Boi went on ESPN’s First Take to talk about this weekend’s playoff game between the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks and offered some advice for his hometown gentlemen’s clubs. The ATL native said he hoped that the Falcons’ players would stay in and make it a Blockbuster night, but that maybe a couple of Atlanta’s famous strip clubs, Magic City and Diamonds of Atlanta, should make Saturday night ‘Seahawks Night.’

I normally wouldn’t encourage anyone to watch First Take, but this clip is pretty harmless. Though Stephen A. Smith comes off a little creepy when talking about how dudes can get into some trouble in Atlanta. Still, the good parts happen before Skip Bayless says anything, so that’s a plus.

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Kid Throws a Buzzer Beater Backwards Over His Head, Hits Nothing But Net

Matt Demember heaves it up and it goes in
The Prayer Was Answered! Well, It is a Church League

There’s not much to say about this one. Sportscenter had this video of Matt Demember playing in his Maryland church league. With time running out, Demember gets the rock and for whatever reason, he decides that throwing it backwards over his head is his best option. Turns out it was.

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Here’s Shane Battier Singing ‘The Love Boat’ Theme Because Why the Hell Not?

Shane Battier sings The Love Boat theme
No. Just no.

Miami Heat forward Shane Battier was clearly not meant to be a singer. Still, Battier didn’t let that small fact get in the way of him completely murdering the theme to 1970s and 80s classic camp TV show The Love Boat. The logical question of course is why in the world is Battier torturing our ears like this?

It’s actually for a good reason, but I’m not sure that makes it okay. It’s Battier’s way of promoting his second annual ‘South Beach Battioke’ celebrity karaoke fundraiser. The money raised benefits the Shane Battier Take Charge foundation. I can’t be the only one not surprised that a Duke guy would name his foundation Take Charge, right? Good for you, Battier, but please stop singing.

Jamaal Franklin Threw It Off the Backboard to Himself Like it was No Big Deal

Jamaal Franklin throws it off the backboard for his own dunk
He Should Get an Assist For This!

San Diego State’s Jamaal Franklin is kind of a freak, in basketball terms. Normally, 6’5″ guards aren’t rebounding machines, but Franklin averages 10.5 a game, and nearly two blocks to go along with his 17.4 points. But in last night’s game against Fresno State, it was Franklin’s highlight reel dunk that stole the show. Oh, Franklin had 20 points and 18 boards in the win, but none of that compares to his off the backboard lob to himself.

Not only is Franklin going full speed when he does this, but he throws the ball from beyond the three point arc. That is just insane timing, athleticism and confidence. Franklin’s response to reporters after the game? ‘A lot of players wouldn’t do that. That’s just me being myself.’ He’s right, not too many guys would do that. Miss and you feel the coach’s wrath for a long time.

h/t The Big Lead

Here’s an NBA Referee Explaining That He’s Stalling the Game for the TV Commericals

Referee explains that he's stalling for the TV commercials
Because TV Rules Everything

During last night’s Spurs and Lakers game, there was an odd delay where the players were just standing around the court after a timeout. Turns out the refs were holding the game up because the TV commercials had to run and the NBA and ESPN don’t really care for action to start before the cameras are ready.

This happens all the time, but you rarely (or never) get to hear a ref spelling it out like this. Mike D’Antoni had called a 20 second timeout, but had used it already, but before that could get cleared up, the network had gone to commercial. So while play was ready to be resumed, ESPN wasn’t back from their break yet. At least it looked like Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan were having a good time together.

Jeff Green Provides Back-to-Back Highlights on Emotional Anniversary

Boston's Jeff Green throws down two consecutive dunks
Back-to-back Dunks Gets You In The Highlight Reels

Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green scored a team high 14 points in their win over Phoenix, and he brought the home crowd to its feet on consecutive plays last night with two rim rattling dunks. All of this on the one year anniversary of his open heart surgery.

Green drove the lane and threw down a sick one handed dunk right on Jermaine O’Neal‘s headband, then Boston got the ball back and Green finished off the break by catching a lob pass and crushing that. Green had to have major heart surgery and missed all of last season because of it. Good to see him at full health.