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Get Ready for Championship Sunday with Vintage NFL Cheerleader Pics

I’ve long thought that Championship Sunday would make for a better party than Super Bowl Sunday. Obviously you get two presumably good games, which means double the time to gorge yourself on food and booze. You would eliminate some of the guests who ask tons of questions because the Super Bowl is the only time they watch football. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting told to quiet down or shushed during the commercials by your friend’s girlfriend because they aren’t Super Bowl commercials. I’m definitely throwing a Championship Sunday party next year.

I’m changing things up a bit this week and going with some vintage pics of the cheerleaders of the four teams left in the NFL Playoffs. Not only is it fun to look way back, the oldest pic in the group is from 1992, but I’ve nearly burned through all the current pics. Besides, some of these are from 2005, so we’re not exactly talking about sepia toned photos.

The lines for the games are out and despite playing at home, Atlanta is a four point underdog. That completely makes sense after the way they played and the way the 49ers played last weekend. The Falcons needed a miracle ending and the Niners completely dominated Green Bay. In the AFC, the Patriots are a nine point favorite over Baltimore. Enjoy the games.

This Might Be the Only Time You’ll Ever See a Half Court Shot Like This

Fan's half court shot sticks to the back of the rim
One In a Million Shot? More Like One in a Billion!

Most people who have played basketball or even just shot around at a park have taken some heaves from half-court. Sometimes they go in, most times they hit nothing or comically ricochet away. But at Friday night’s Atlanta Hawks game, a season ticket holder plucked from the crowd to try a half-court shot for a thousand bucks did something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

How in the name of physics this guy gets the ball to do that? It’s like velcro. I mean, I’ve seen shots get stuck between the backboard and the rim before, but I’m pretty certain that I’ve never seen a basketball do that on a rim, especially from that distance. But the kooky guy with the mic gives the ball some help and (SPOILER!) the guy got to collect a cool grand…if the arena announcer was right, that is.

h/t SportsGrid

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy Go Shot for Hilarious Shot in New Nike Commercial

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy battle in new Nike commercial
Nobody Yelled Fore!

Usually, commercials don’t merit a post, but this new Nike ad featuring Tiger Woods and his heir apparent, Rory McIlroy is pretty great. The two of them are on the driving range when they start smack talking each other over shots at the pin, which leads to shots in the cup, which leads to shots in all kinds of cups all over the place.

It’s really well done, with pretty clever lines thrown in. I think my favorite when Rory says he’s just ‘trying to keep up with the old guy, you know’ and Tiger replies, ‘dude, is that your real hair?’

If I had to guess, I’d say the people behind the commercial probably had this Larry Bird and Michael Jordan McDonald’s ad from 1993 in mind when they created this one.

LeBron James Hasn’t Changed Much in Ten Years

LeBron James made his NBA debut in 2003 on the road in Sacramento. LeBron proved he belonged immediately, scoring 25 points, grabbing nine boards, dishing six assists and getting four steals.

That pic on the left is from that game, and the pic on the right is from Saturday when the Heat blew out the Kings in Sacramento. The only difference in the two photos in LeBron’s uniform. The same photographer even took both pictures.

via @NBA

Metta World Peace Spreads the Love After a Sweet And One Play

Metta World Peace finishes a great play with a kiss
Steal the Ball, Steal a Kiss?

The Lakers got their first win of 2013, beating the woeful Cavaliers 113-93 at Staples Center. The game was never really in question after the first quarter, though L.A. did let Cleveland cut the lead in the second half.

It was Metta World Peace who showed his softer side during one sequence. MWP makes a steal, take the ball the distance and goes up for a dunk, gets fouled and gets a friendly bounce as the ball shot up off the rim, then fell back through for the and one. Then MWP walks to the front row and gives an unsuspecting lady fan a tender kiss on the hand. That’s a far cry from the Malice in the Palace.

Hard Snaps – 12 Great Photos From the Divisional Round

Even if you aren’t a fan of any of the teams who were still in the NFL playoffs, those were some great games to watch this weekend. The Baltimore and Denver double OT thriller was quite possibly one of the top three or four postseason games ever. San Francisco showed that they are for real, and Colin Kaepernick set a playoff record for rushing yards by a quarterback with 181.

Seattle and Atlanta played pretty much two different games. The first half was a blowout, the second half was insane. Matt Ryan finally played like he deserves the ‘Matty Ice’ nickname. Then New England proved that maybe they are the best team in the NFL right now. Tom Brady gets the AFC Championship in his stadium again, which might not be that huge of an advantage against another cold weather team.

Here are 12 pics which pretty much, in my opinion, summed up the four games this weekend.

Get Ready for the Divisional Round with Some Cheerleaders and Game Predictions

Two games Saturday and two games on Sunday again. The NFL Playoffs are back to make your weekend that much better. Baltimore and Denver get things started, and while I’ve seen a few pundits taking the Ravens in an upset, I’m not buying into that. Baltimore plays way better at home, and playing in Denver is never easy. Peyton Manning and the Broncos will move on in this one, 34-17.

Saturday night we get the Packers visiting the 49ers. The Niners are favored by three still, but I think Green Bay will pull this one out. Their run game is coming alive and Aaron Rodgers is that much more deadly with a legit backfield to make defenses respect the run. Packers 24-17. Sunday Funday »